For her

Oh how I long to make everything in the world beautiful for her.
I'm working on that, but this weekend I made her a hat. Well, I actually did not make the hat itself, you see, it was just this yummy soft but plain brown hat...needing some decoration.
So I imagined it with flowers, and a couple of little leaves,
I started playing with pieces of felt, and color, and before I knew it the hat was blooming! I love it and so does she. Certainly this will brighten up even winter's darkest days ahead!


Enchantedmama said...

Loving this sweet little hat. Way to add color to the gray of winter. Darling model too.

jacqueline said...

I really adore these words of yours : "Oh how I long to make everything in the world beautiful for her." :) It reminded me of my papa who also said a similar statement when i was young. *got a little teary here* :)

I love the beautiful flowers and leaves you added to that simple hat making it look absolutely gorgeous!

Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Lindsay said...

I came across your blog through Violet Bellas. I followed you bc I read through your posts and you are very inspiring! The hat you made your daughter is gorgeous!! so creative! I'm a fairly new blogger and love meeting new people on Blogger :) Here's my site I hope you enjoy and will follow as well :D

Lori said...

You made those little flowers? How sweet it must be for her to be your daughter. She and her hat are precious.

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