An Ambitious Heart Filled Project

For the past 3 months my gal Mati McDonough and I have been leading an ambitious heart filled project: a year long painting practice e-course that we are calling 52 Paintings. This is the first e-course I have led so I didn't know what to expect, and I've actually been caught off guard at how deeply this course would sink into each part of my studio I work and film the painting demos for the class there is such a community feeling, which is just what Mati and I intended for the course from the start. It can sometimes feel lonely working in the studio, and having this group to vibe with, throw ideas around, and talk about each other's work has already become such a wonderful community.

In the group Mati & I are sharing everything that we have gleaned from a collective 40+ years of painting! This is not a quick fix program but a way of being an artist that takes into consideration the seasons, the ebbs & flows of inspiration and being part of a supportive and thoughtful community of artists. There has been so much soul stirring heart opening beauty shared in our online classroom and in our private Facebook group where we gather for weekly videos demos from Mati and I, along with lots of inspiration, sharing of work and peeks into each other's studios through out each week. Here is some of the beautiful work that has come out of this course already...

On June 16th we are excited to begin our second module of the course and we'd love to have you along! In this second three month module we'll be covering:

~Incorporating Words with Meaning into your work.
~Layering with Stencils and Silkscreens.
~Working with Geometrics.

Along with lots of other juicy tidbits that we've gathered.
Click this button to head to our sign up page:

I'm teaching in Morocco!!!

So, its a bit hard to contain my excitement about how magical this is going to be, and believe me I'm kind of bouncing of the walls about it! Consider this your invitation... 


in a far away land of intricate patterns, saturated colors and secret gardens, join artists mati mcdonough and faith evans-sills, along with holistic wellness coach stephanie perkinson on the exotic journey of a lifetime. 


Join us in Marrakesh, Morocco for a week long retreat of opulent luxury, guided shopping, cultural exploration and workshops bursting with insight into how to access the dormant energy within your life and home.

Inspiration Gathering, Sacred Altar Building, Layered Painting Projects, we'll explore all of these together while delighting each of our senses with fresh food, exotic tours, field trips down secret alleys, henna parties and so much more. 

Can't wait to learn more? I made a yummy video just for you to get a taste of all that's in store for this amazing retreat!


Sacred Insight Retreats: Moroccan Magic, April 9-15, 2016 from Faith Evans-Sills on Vimeo.

We promise to let you in on all the juicy details May 1st. Click here to join our waiting list to be the first to know when registration opens. Space is limited to 10 and we know this is going to fill up quick.


My new E-Course: an introductory video


This year so far for me has been about doing a lot of painting and spending lots of time experimenting with filming painting demos as I create lessons for my new e-course 52 Paintings, starting on March 16th! As a way of introducing the course content and letting you know a bit more about all of the exciting things that Mati McDonough and I will be offering in this course I've created this introductory video, click here to watch the full 5 minute video over on Vimeo. It includes a studio visit and a guest appearance by my youngest little one Griffin!

I hope you feel the call to join us in this year long painting adventure and supportive community of artists, I'm so looking forward to inspiring each other and growing together! Click here for all of the month by month course schedule and registration information.

Charleston Women's Crafting Circle

Hello gorgeous friends,
As 2015 began I was thinking about what I most want this year, one of the things that kept coming up for me was more community with creative women! Through chatting with artist friends I have felt challenged to create what I most want...since often there are others who are longing for more of those same things.
I have loved the energy that has come out of the workshops that I hosted in my Charleston studio in 2014, many of you attended those and I hope that you came away feeling blessed by the gathering of women.
For 2015 I would like to offer more of these creative gatherings in the form of a Women's Crafting Circle. This will be a group of women who gather in my studio to create art together 8 times this year. I will provide everything that the group needs to dive in and make some beautiful things, while learning new skills. I have some fantastic projects planned! Things to decorate your home, gifts for your children and yourself.

The group will meet one Friday a month for 8 months, from 8:30am until 2-3pm (you are free to leave as you need to). Here are all of the goodies we'll be creating...

March 20th: Easter Crafting Circle; God's Eye Weaving and Needle Felted gifts to tuck into easter baskets
April 10th: Personal Stitched Collage Prayer Flags; we'll layer gorgeous fabrics and learn silk screen techniques to create a string of prayer flags with personal meaning.
May 22nd: Flower Crowns and Beaded Bracelets; my flower crown workshop was so fun last year, such a celebration of spring, and the perfect accessory for a photo shoot, bring your camera! Click here find out more about this fun workshop.
June 19th: Layered Mandala Painting; click here to see what happens in this popular workshop where we explore many hands on painting techniques and you come away with a finished 2 x 2 foot painting.

Summer Break for July and August
September 4th: Layered Mandala Painting; click here to see what happens in this popular workshop where we explore many hands on painting techniques and you come away with a finished 2 x 2 foot painting.
October 2nd: Needle Felted Acorns and Birds; we'll work with dyed wool and the fun technique of needle felting to make soft plush creations that come together as if by magic, check out the picture above to see the little birds that we'll be making, beyond cute! See some examples here.
November 6th: Embroidered Wallets and Hairclips; also pictured above, I'll teach you embroidery techniques and ways of layering with felt cloth, giving you so many options of fun things to make at home for handmade Christmas gifts. Check out some examples here.
Dream Catchers; We'll modify the ancient traditional dream catcher, layering gathered materials and paint with an assortment of feathers and ribbons, resulting in creations that you'll want to display in your favorite room.
December 11th: Holiday Crafting Workshop and Celebration; we'll make things to decorate your home, your holiday table, and yourself for the season! Click here to see last year's fun holiday workshop.

All gatherings will be held in my studio space, located at 1630 Meeting Street, Charleston.
To maintain continuity within the group and to grow relationships as we learn together, each class is limited to 8 women. A healthy lunch, along with coffee, tea and water will be provided.
You can sign up by subscribing below

You can subscribe to the full eight month cycle at a cost of only $50 per month, billed in a cycle of 8 monthly payments. This option can be shared with a friend, you can split the cost and each attend the workshops that you want. (only one of you can attend each class, or if you want to attend a class together you just pay a second subscriber rate of $50 for that class). If you are splitting the subscription please list your friend's name in the notes when subscribing.
If you'd like to pick and choose your classes you can also purchase each class separately for $85 each, select your choice from the menu here:

Choose your Month

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions faith(at)

I hope that you are feeling called to join us, I'm looking forward to sharing my knowledge and seeing all of the goodness and gorgeous things that develop!

A NEW Year Long Painting Class!


In early 2015 my friend Mati and I were talking about what we really want for the year and we both said that we wanted to paint alongside others for community, accountability and inspiration. So we decided to create an e-course for what we most needed! We hope you'll join us and be as inspired as we are!
Click here to watch my 5 minute video and studio visit in which I talk all about our offerings for 52 Paintings, and give you samples of the painting demos that you can expect.

Join artists and teachers Mati McDonough and Faith Evans-Sills on a year long adventure, as we journey each week through a new way of working and seeing through paint. We'll dive in with the goal of creating a painting a week and taking your studio practice to the next level. We'll cover lots of techniques to add to your skill set in the studio, along with new ways of seeing and keeping yourself inspired. Each week will follow a rhythm to help you stay focused on your goals and our topic. On Mondays either Mati or Faith will post an instructional video, walking you through our painting processes based on the weekly topic, we encourage you to turn up the music and paint along with us! Lessons will often include inspirational prompts, PDF downloads, along with lots of interaction in our private online classroom and in our private FB group. Mati and Faith will be very active in the group, providing support, feedback and guidance throughout the year. Wednesdays are our inspiration day where we'll post videos, interviews and other bits of inspiration to keep you inspired through your week. Fridays are our sharing day where we invite you to be Daring together and share your work and ask for feedback!
Who is this class for? This online class is open to all skill levels and all creative spirits looking to deepen their painting practice, broaden their painting skills and work their bravery muscles in the studio!
What materials do I need for this course, do I need a studio space? No, you do not need a separate studio space for this course but it will be much easier if you have a spot in your home that is dedicated just to painting. This could be a corner of your kitchen, dining room or just a cabinet where you store your supplies so you can easily access them when your inspiration strikes. Some of our projects will be messy and you will want a place where you can feel free to let those spirits lead you without worry. We will give you a list of art supplies, many of which you probably already have in your studio/art bin. We'll primarily use acrylic paints, we'll share our favorite brands with you, along with inks, paint markers, paint brushes, collage materials, etc. we'll give you lots of notice so its easy for you to have things on hand.

How long will I have access to the course material? Do I have to complete all the projects?  You will have access to all of the course material for the full year in our online classroom, so you can go at your own pace! No need to worry if you miss a week or a lesson, we want this class to feed your inspiration, and be a  receptive place where you can relax and re-energize your art practice. You will never get any guilt or pressure from us or within the group to complete projects. Participants can share their projects in the FB group as they feel led, gaining feedback and inspiration from each other!

It's already part of the way through the year, is it too late to start the class?
We have designed this class to be easy to jump into at any time, once you sign up you'll have access to all of the lessons for the whole year to go at your own pace, so even if you sign up half way through the year you'll still be able to get all of the information that you need and you can begin at any time.
The course will be divided into monthly themes, within those themes we will explore in depth techniques and methods.
Here are some of the monthly themes that we will cover:
52 painting sales page_flatWe'll have our own easy to access password protected online classroom where we'll gather as a group. Mati and Faith will both invite you into their studios with video presentations. The course will have a strong weekly rhythm, with posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Our goal is to keep you on track and inspired!  All of the videos and PDFs presented with the class are downloadable and yours to keep forever! We'll spend time covering Nature Mandalas throughout the course, using them as an inspirational tool. Many weeks throughout the course Faith will be sharing demo videos of the start to finish creation of one of her nature mandalas. We'll also have special social media tags to use when we share our work online throughout the course, building our community and tribe. 

We begin our year long adventure with our first day of classes on March 16th! 


We want everyone who's called to join us to be able to afford this class, so we are offering three pricing options, just pick the one that best fits your budget:


Option 1: Go month to month, purchase the One Year Class here with 12 $79 monthly installments: this option lets you go month by month, giving you flexibility.

$79 Monthly Installment Price

Option 2: Purchase Three Months at a time for $175: the course will be divided into three month modules by theme.
Here are our Modules: 

Months 1 to 3 {Ways of Seeing, Finding Your Center Point, Abstract Love}
Months 4 to 6 {Words With Meaning, Layering With Stencils, Incorporating Geometrics}
Months 7 to 9 {The Natural World, Soul Animals, Unconventional Surfaces}
Months 10 to 12 {Mantra Mandalas, Finding Your Power, Owning Your Story}

Monthly Modules

Option 3: The Whole She-BANG!
This is the best value, you save $200 when you buy the whole year long class upfront, Yippee! 

$628 for a full year investment in growing your skills, community and studio practice.

We are so excited about sharing all of the abundance of this coming year with you in the studio, learning and growing together!  Xo

Also check out our Costa Rica retreat PURA VIDA:: Painting in Paraiso with Mati and Faith, coming up March 7-13, 2016 at a villa on the beach in Nosara!  All of the women joining our Pura Vida Retreat will receive a year long membership in our 52 Paintings E-Course for FREE!

About our teachers:
Faith is a painter, wife, mother, world traveler and New York City transplant. With 20+ years of personal painting experience she enjoys inspiring others to manifest their most heartfelt ideas through creating art. Her art has been exhibited widely, included in multiple publications and she is very excited to now be fulfilling her longtime dream of offering creative workshops and retreats. She lives with her husband and 3 young children by the sea in Charleston, South Carolina, where they enjoy exploring southern beaches and maintaining a close connection with nature through frequent trips to wild places. Follow along here on her eponymous blog and on Instagram where she posts daily beauty and inspiration.
mati smile ccc (1)

Mati is an artist and daring adventurer whose name is pronounced Matey, like Ahoy! She is an Oakland, California based artist, illustrator, painting teacher and author of “Daring Adventures in Paint”.  After wanting to be an artist for many years, but feeling like it was “impractical”, at 29 years Mati took the leap and went back to art school at the California College of the Arts. Almost 10 years later, she is still excited and terrified every time she sees a blank canvas. She has had dozens of art shows, taught painting classes internationally and had her art used by clients Patagonia, University Games, Pier 1, as well as greeting cards, and her very own home decor line. She also has illustrated several children’s books including “i carry your heart” written by ee cummings. Through her workshops, book, and popular online course, she spreads a warm message of creative courage: it’s never too late to show the world your magic.  
photo by Andrea Scher 

Costa Rica FAQ's

If you have been thinking about joining our Pura Vida painting retreat in Costa Rica but have some questions we thought that these FAQ’s would be helpful:

“I have been thinking seriously about joining your painting trip to Costa Rica and wanted to ask a few questions...”

1. Is this trip going to be pretty intensive in art making and teaching? I have not been able to make much art in the past few years and there is nothing I am craving more than 24 hours a day to paint, talk about art, learn new techniques etc. Does that sound about in line with how you have designed the trip?
Answer: We've had a lot of questions about the nature of the retreat and the balance of art making to relaxation. Really, you can decide how much you'd like to go to the beach vs make art, but we wanted to flesh out the structure. We plan on teaching in the mornings from 9 to 1pm and you will have 24 hr access to the work studio and art supplies. Breakfast and lunch will be served buffet style in our common space, so you can eat at our leisure. Both Faith and Mati have a lot to share both techniques and art-making wise and we'll be available for instruction at other times too. We envision that this retreat will be super juicy and inspiring and you may want downtime to soak up the lessons and be further inspired by the ocean, tropical nature and colors. 
2. What time does the retreat begin on the 19th and end on the 25th for logistics and airline purposes?
Answer: Participants are welcome to arrive any time after 12PM on July 19th to settle in and enjoy the beach and pool. At 5PM that evening we will begin the retreat with an opening circle gathering and a shared welcome dinner. Check out on the 25th will be at 10AM, shuttles to the airport will leave that morning to get people to their flights.
3. How far is the retreat location from the there a shuttle that can be taken?
Answer: The Jungle Beach House is about an hour from the airport. There are multiple shuttle services that we can recommend. We’ll send you a list of those services once you register. When we have everyone’s arrival/departure times we can coordinate shuttle shares for retreat participants upon request.
4. What is the name of the airport closest to the retreat?
Answer: The closest airport is called Liberia, Costa Rica and the retreat itself will be held in the town of Nosara, on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Penninsula.
5. Are all the art materials included in the price? If so will we have access to canvases or professional paper?  
Answer: We will supply most of the art materials including a couple of larger canvases (24” x 24”)— all included in the price. We only ask that you bring a few small things: select paints, brushes and collage paper of your liking.

6. How fast do your retreats generally fill? I am trying to figure out logistics for that week. Do you have a general idea of when I should register by to ensure a spot?
Answer: We have had a lot of interest in the retreat and spots are filling up, we suggest you book ASAP to reserve your spot!
Please feel free to run any further questions by us!
Faith (at)
Hope you can join us on this amazing adventure! :)))

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