A Retreat by the Sea!

in our element...

cape cod, ma
may 30 - june 1
a weekend to enjoy earth, wind, water and fire...to gather as a group and breathe in, create, relax and restore.
walks on the beach, hula hooping (with a fire hoop dance performance one night!), yoga, nature mandalas, delicious healthful meals, massage, good conversation by the fire, new friendships as well as lots of creativity will make up our time together in a quaint new england cottage on the cape.
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faith will guide us through creating both our own magical layered paintings, as well as making dreamcatchers out of elements in nature to take home and adorn our space with.
Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 10.30.36 AMliz will share her edgy jewelery style and lead us in a workshop to create a leather cuff with hammered silver charm, as well as some chunky happy bead bracelets.
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em will bring baskets overflowing with juicy colourful supplies ready to embark on a textural delight making mixed media prayer flags, as well as a nuno-felted scarf workshop.
cost ~
includes 2 nights accommodation in a quaint new england seaside cottage
all meals (dinner friday night, breakfast/lunch/dinner saturday, breakfast/lunch sunday)
creative workshops ~ painting, dreamcatchers, jewelery, nuno felting, mixed media prayer flags
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schedule ~
3 pm friday check in, settle in, walk on the beach
5:30 pm dinner
followed by opening circle & prayer flag workshop

optional early morning yoga or beach walk
creative workshops (groups will rotate through painting, nuno-felting, jewelry design)
12:30 lunch
creative workshops
free time - nature mandalas on the beach/optional massage/beach walk/hooping
6pm dinner
after dinner bonfire on beach & fire hoop dance show !

optional early morning yoga or beach walk
creative workshops (groups will rotate through painting, nuno-felting, jewelry design)
12:30 lunch
dreamcatchers with faith
3pm closing circle
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space is limited - sign up via email or click on the options below

In Our Element

questions? email faithevanssillsATgmail.com

Soulful Prayer Flag Workshop

I'm thrilled to announce this upcoming Soulful Prayer Flags workshop, which will be the first one held in my new studio space in the newly renovated 1600 Meeting Street building here in Charleston!
We'll be gathering as a circle of women, declaring our intentions for the day and then immersing ourselves in delicious art making. It will be a truly transporting and inspirational day!
Here are all the juicy details...

Taught by: Emily Falconbridge and Faith Evans-Sills

When: Wednesday, April 23rd, 9am to 2pm

Where: 1630 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC in the ground floor art studio of Faith Evans-Sills.

What's included: All materials to create your own personal prayer flag, a gift bag full of special treats from Emily and Faith; bits of our art along with things to inspire and use in your project, a delicious catered lunch, coffee, water and tea all day.

Experience level: All Levels

In this class we will be harnessing images from our daydreams to create a mixed media prayer flag that can be hung over a favorite spot in your home to remind you of your sweetest visions.

Join us for a soul-filling day long workshop in Charleston, South Carolina, where we will gather as a group of women, declare our intentions for the day and then immerse our selves in delicious fabrics and paint for 5 wonderful hours of creating art together with a break at noon for a yummy catered lunch.

Each participant will go home with a prayer flag of their own creation, made out of sumptuous bits and pieces of vintage textiles that we provide, there will be loads of loveliness from which to choose your materials. Your teachers, Em and Faith, bring years of art experience. In the course of the workshop each of them will offer a lesson on image transfer onto fabric and painting stencils onto fabric. You can use both techniques within the prayer flag that you create! You will add delicious textural layers and personal flair as you introduce paints, beads, stitching and images with personal meaning.

Materials List:
We will provide all the materials that you will need for the class.

The only thing that you can bring with you to personalize your flags are Black and White Photocopies (NOT ink jet) of personal and meaningful imagery. We'll also have lots of inspiring images on hand to choose from!

If you have them we also ask that you bring a pair of good scissors with you.

Register now and join us for the day of tapping into your own soulful creativity. Delight in the sheer joy of spending time creating with other women.

Cost: $85

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About the teachers:

Emily Falconbridge

 Em is a free-spirited native Australian living a creative life in a rural New England town with her husband and three little bean sprouts.
She loves to make a cozy and colourful home for her family.  One of her greatest pleasures is to use rescued and recycled materials to create collages, journals, clothing and all things that hang or dingle-dangle.
Her work has been published in various books and magazines and she has taught creative workshops all over the world.  You can follow along on her creative adventures at her blog Embers, and on Instagram at emberslove

Faith Evans-Sills

Faith is a painter, wife, mother, doula, world traveler and New York City transplant. With 20+ years of personal painting experience she enjoys inspiring others to manifest their most heartfelt ideas through creating art. Her art has been exhibited widely, included in multiple publications and she is very excited to begin offering creative workshops this coming year. She lives with her husband and 3 young children by the sea in Charleston, where they enjoy exploring southern beaches and maintaining a close connection with nature through frequent trips to wild places. Follow along here on her eponymous blog and on Instagram where she posts daily beauty and inspiration.

Returning to myself

Ten years ago on January 18th I took a positive pregnancy test, and sat in my bathroom staring at it for almost ten minutes with tears in my eyes.
You see, it was not my first positive pregnancy test, five months earlier I had seen that positive sign come up and Frank and I had rejoiced at the news and celebrated and been so happy. Only to loose that baby three months later.
So, that day in January I had felt and known all day in my heart that I was pregnant again, hoped deeply that it would be true. I had bought the pregnancy test at the pharmacy on my walk home. Peed on that stick almost as soon as I walked in the door. Sat there staring at the results with the knowledge that I was embarking on another pregnancy journey, with an uncertain outcome, but still thrilled to share the news with Frank when he returned home that day. My heart would never be the same.

10 years later, on the same day, January 18th, here I am. That tiny baby is now a boy soon to complete his first decade of life, Jasper my first born, the boy who made me a mama nine months after I took that test.

I have always been the kind of person who remembers dates. Marking the passage of time is important to me, and honoring dates is one of those ways. That's how and why I remember the day of that simple test and really I didn't even connect that the ten year anniversary of that January 18th was the day that our retreat in Bali began, until later when I was reflecting on our trip and how seminal it has been in helping me on my return to myself after having Griffin a year and a half ago.

These past ten years have been about me being a mother.
It has been my privilege and greatest blessing to bear my three beautiful children.

I have also created a lot of art in the past decade, grown my paintings alongside my children. Its been a hard tightrope balance, and a constant push and pull. Drawing inspiration from motherhood to feed my art and vice versa. It has been a circle of working and living, each made richer by the other and both demanding my all, most especially draining when my children were babies and demanding so much of me physically and mentally that I did not have much at all to give to my art.

Each time I have had a baby I have taken time off from painting. I've noticed that for me with each child the year and a half mark is when it starts to get noticeably easier for me to start creating my art again. Here I am, my baby Griffin is 18 months this month, and I feel it...that getting back to myself, feeling like I'm coming out of my cocoon. Ever so slowly I have felt myself returning to ME, the me who is capable of focusing on mothering both my children and my art, that me that makes me feel most alive!

I was helped along this time by our big trip to Bali, which I'll write lots more about in my next post. It just happened that the trip came along with the perfect timing of the universe, with Griffin about to be 18 months and me with so many ideas for paintings but also with ways to extend my work and my practice. So many things percolating, and Bali served in so many ways to ignite that fire within me, and for that I am deeply thankful.

Perfect place, perfect timing, and the biggest gift was that I got to share it with my first born son, Jasper. Such a joy, and an experience that bound us more closely together while also helping me to complete a circle. From that moment ten years ago when I knew that he was growing inside of me, to this time now when I am moving forward with my youngest child being 18 months and needing me less.

I am putting my childbearing time behind me.
I am looking towards the future.
I am ever thankful, and so richly blessed.

An interview all about Motherhood

I was featured over on The Best Gift of Life blog the other day, in an interview all about motherhood, inspiration and lots about my life with Frank and the three little people that we love the most.

 The Best Gift of Life is a blog about inspiring mothers, and mothers to be, with lots of interviews, information, beautiful pictures and links. I never get tired of hearing how other moms make life work and seeing how they live, so I have lots of fun reading through their interviews of inspiring mamas and also amazing birth stories.

Oh Bali

Were we really soaking in your beauty only 3 and a half weeks ago?
Returning to every day life has left me feeling dry on a practical level, its been hard to jump back into running errands and driving the kids to school, let alone recovering from intense jet lag.

But this trip filled me up so deeply on an inspirational level, that just a good long gaze back at our pictures takes me there again and I feel my senses immersed and buzzing with energy and beautiful awareness.

Oh Bali, you're in my soul.
You felt like a resounding "YES" deep within me, to the universe, to life itself.
I really can't wait to see you again one day.

My friends Em and Nicole are running the same soulful escape retreat again this coming October. You can find out more about it here on Em's blog, and on the retreat's Facebook page.

Welcome Spring

At the beginning of May we welcomed spring with a flower celebration. We remember our Waldorf playgroup in Brooklyn and our beautiful Maypole celebrations here, here and here so fondly, it seemed fitting that we should spend a rainy afternoon making flower crowns as a family,

 and taking pictures that I will treasure...

I can't wait to put some of these in frames!

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