Charleston Women's Crafting Circle

Hello gorgeous friends,
As 2015 began I was thinking about what I most want this year, one of the things that kept coming up for me was more community with creative women! Through chatting with artist friends I have felt challenged to create what I most want...since often there are others who are longing for more of those same things.
I have loved the energy that has come out of the workshops that I hosted in my Charleston studio in 2014, many of you attended those and I hope that you came away feeling blessed by the gathering of women.
For 2015 I would like to offer more of these creative gatherings in the form of a Women's Crafting Circle. This will be a group of women who gather in my studio to create art together 8 times this year. I will provide everything that the group needs to dive in and make some beautiful things, while learning new skills. I have some fantastic projects planned! Things to decorate your home, gifts for your children and yourself.

The group will meet one Friday a month for 8 months, from 8:30am until 2-3pm (you are free to leave as you need to). Here are all of the goodies we'll be creating...

March 20th: Easter Crafting Circle; God's Eye Weaving and Needle Felted gifts to tuck into easter baskets
April 10th: Personal Stitched Collage Prayer Flags; we'll layer gorgeous fabrics and learn silk screen techniques to create a string of prayer flags with personal meaning.
May 22nd: Flower Crowns and Beaded Bracelets; my flower crown workshop was so fun last year, such a celebration of spring, and the perfect accessory for a photo shoot, bring your camera! Click here find out more about this fun workshop.
June 19th: Layered Mandala Painting; click here to see what happens in this popular workshop where we explore many hands on painting techniques and you come away with a finished 2 x 2 foot painting.

Summer Break for July and August
September 4th: Layered Mandala Painting; click here to see what happens in this popular workshop where we explore many hands on painting techniques and you come away with a finished 2 x 2 foot painting.
October 2nd: Needle Felted Acorns and Birds; we'll work with dyed wool and the fun technique of needle felting to make soft plush creations that come together as if by magic, check out the picture above to see the little birds that we'll be making, beyond cute! See some examples here.
November 6th: Embroidered Wallets and Hairclips; also pictured above, I'll teach you embroidery techniques and ways of layering with felt cloth, giving you so many options of fun things to make at home for handmade Christmas gifts. Check out some examples here.
Dream Catchers; We'll modify the ancient traditional dream catcher, layering gathered materials and paint with an assortment of feathers and ribbons, resulting in creations that you'll want to display in your favorite room.
December 11th: Holiday Crafting Workshop and Celebration; we'll make things to decorate your home, your holiday table, and yourself for the season! Click here to see last year's fun holiday workshop.

All gatherings will be held in my studio space, located at 1630 Meeting Street, Charleston.
To maintain continuity within the group and to grow relationships as we learn together, each class is limited to 8 women. A healthy lunch, along with coffee, tea and water will be provided.
You can sign up by subscribing below

You can subscribe to the full eight month cycle at a cost of only $50 per month, billed in a cycle of 8 monthly payments. This option can be shared with a friend, you can split the cost and each attend the workshops that you want. (only one of you can attend each class, or if you want to attend a class together you just pay a second subscriber rate of $50 for that class). If you are splitting the subscription please list your friend's name in the notes when subscribing.
If you'd like to pick and choose your classes you can also purchase each class separately for $85 each, select your choice from the menu here:

Choose your Month

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions faith(at)

I hope that you are feeling called to join us, I'm looking forward to sharing my knowledge and seeing all of the goodness and gorgeous things that develop!


Samantha said...

Those dreamcatchers are darling!
Makes me wish I lived in Charleston :)

Your art is gorgeous! Glad I stumbled upon your blog!

Kirk Momma said...

I wish I lived in Charleston! I would love to attend these!
Painting online with you will have to do for now!
I am so excited for our year together!

xo, Kim

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