Living, Loving, Decorating...the Porch

Each day I spend so much time on our screened in porch, it is truly my favorite space in our house, in the evenings it just glows, and during the days I've been painting out there, and even from when we first moved in its the space that the kids and I just like to goof around in.
So, this spring I reorganized the space. We shifted the furniture around and I had Frank cut the legs down on our round outdoor dining table that we've had forever. I think its so much more functional as a big coffee table.

One of my favorite new details of the space is that Frank painted the ceiling light blue! It opens up the space and is also a Charleston tradition, painting your porch ceiling blue is said to confuse insects, who think it is the sky...but we just liked the look.

I had fun with the details. The lanterns that we made for our Waldorf Playgroup lantern walk back in Brooklyn, sit right in the middle of our table, beautiful and reminding us of special times with friends.

Along with some new lanterns that are fun in the evenings and remind me of exotic nights in far away places...

Our shelf still holds lots of details, including part of my grandmother's green glass collection that catches the light so perfectly out here. Along with things that we collect, mostly on the beach...I found the large plastic half clam shell (on the second shelf bellow) at a consignment sale and its the perfect spot to throw beach finds and trinkets.

I also filled plastic bins with the kids art supplies on the bottom two shelves, right next to their little table, so that art time is always an option with we are out on the porch.

Its where we often are these days, filling this room with all of the wildness that goes into living.

I've enjoyed Pinterest so much recently, especially as I was gathering ideas for how to organize this room. Do you see the new Moroccan inspired latticed patterned outdoor rug that I got for the porch? Totally inspired by Pinterest! Come on over and check out other things that are inspiring me there.


Lauren said...

Oh Faith, You are just so yummy. I love how your nesting is coming along mama. You have such a way with color and texture and layers... Not only in your painting but your design and dress... LOVE! I cannot wait until we get to sit together and just laugh and play and sip tea with the children... xoxo (Oh and those lanterns you made last year, I remember and adore them. So beautiful and perfect for holding your families beautiful light.)

angie on maui said...

That screened in porch is an absolute dream. Oh, how I would love one of these to retreat to! What an inviting space; you have decorated it in such a way that you can't help but be inspired in there. And all that natural beautiful!

Estelle Hayes said...

Oh, Faith. Your blog is beautiful as always. Like a breath of fresh air filled with inspiration. I'm completely coveting your screened porch right now and basically everything your family has created in your new home. Looks like that move suits you all really well. I'm so happy for you.

blissful chick said...

lovely and filled with love :) hope all is well with you and yours xx

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