Time Lapse

Its been so exciting to watch things growing and changing in our yard over the past month, I can't stop posting about it! We've got this amazing Magnolia tree that is blooming these huge dinner plate sized blossoms right now. But, the craziest growth recently came from one of our Sago Palms, these are a really common plant in Charleston, but exotic to me. So, when ours started sprouting something new a couple of weeks ago we watched closely,

At first we almost couldn't tell that something was going on, but the kids pointed out that the middle of the plant looked different,

Sure enough, it gave birth to a whole layer of new fronds, 

We're calling it our alien plant for right now. Such a fun discovery!


Nina said...

Just another funny miracle of nature, don´t you think?
Big hug

Lauren said...

These Sago Palms actually have a hallucinogenic root system. Poisonous, but in the right dosage, and prepared the right way... it's a hallucinogen. (You're wondering how I know this...?) Haha... I have never partaken, just know, because ALEX is a walking talking encyclopedia on plants!... It's interesting, so I thought I'd share.

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