My favorite room

Welcome to our screened in porch, a room that is half way between indoors and outdoors. It was my favorite room in our new house from the first time we were ever here! In fact I had a picture of this room up as my computer "wallpaper" while we were still in Brooklyn getting ready to move...helping me to hold onto what we were moving to.
Now that we are really settling into the new house, this room has become the place where the kids like to hang out most often. It has also become the room where we bring nature in. Jasper's frog lives out here on the bookshelf in his aquarium, and really Froggy has looked so happy since we put him out here, its so different than living in an aquarium in a Brooklyn bedroom!
Also, since arriving here Jasper has discovered the many small lizards who crawl around our new yard and spends much time trying to trap them and make them his pets. We keep them in this tank, and then release them a few days later, after he has studied them thoroughly...

The window sills in this room have become a place where our circle rock collection is growing,

and for bits of things from the sea.

This afternoon it was transformed into the staging area for creating extravagant Father's Day cards to surprise Frank with tomorrow morning,

The kid's crafting table and art supplies found a place out here as I am still setting up my studio, and even though I had ideas about having their art space in my new studio, their table just might remain out on the screened in porch,

it really is a space that lends itself to creating as it floats in golden light on long hot afternoons.


Anonymous said...

what a great room! and so nice to see you all summery... how cold does it get there in winter?
can't wait to see more of your new home ;)

get stuff done said...

wow it is awesome. can see why you hung on to it as the idea of what you are moving too. its so chilly and rainy here in the UK I can't even imagine living like that right now. we had the heating on this morning!!

Nina said...

Hi Faith,

It seems like you and your family don't regret the decision of moving to Charleston! How nice that your kids have an extra room where they can play and keep some treasures from nature.
Our house has an extra room behind the garage with two doors that lead to our garden. So we can use it as we need some extra space on the terrace and our children play there whenever they like.
Someday in the near future I hope this room will be my studio for my woolfelted creations!
Love, Nina.

Emily Falconbridge said...

oooh this looks like it would be my favourite room too :) i love all the wood! and any indoor/outdoor space is just the best.

Sydney said...

wow this room is so close to nature! :)
why were your kids naked? just curious ;)

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