A walk after dinner

We are here, I know I've been so quiet here as I try to digest it all, and there is so much to share with you!
The words are slowly coming to me as each day I feel more myself again. The move was so much more like a birthing process than I expected, and I have felt totally out of my skin this past week.

Each day we are doing things to ground us in our new environment and for me the most healing thing yet was our walk after dinner last night. A five minute drive from our house there is an old fort on the tip of an island, where we explored,

and then followed the short trail down to the water,

I have always loved how the beach stimulates each sense, there is so much to find and to feel, it bring me right into my body, into the moment. For the first time in days I was not thinking about everything to unpack and organize at our house,

My parents have been here with us, they have been such a help in helping the kids search out adventure in the experience and to explore Charleston while Frank and I have been unpacking,

I've felt blurry around the edges this week, trying to take too much in at once and to function on all cylinders while exhausted. Even though we had time to anticipate this move, to think about it in each aspect, nothing prepared me for the absolute fact that we left our whole life in Brooklyn when we drove away. What we took with us were our belongings and ourselves.
Now I am relearning who I am in this new place, with no friends, plans and distractions to steal my focus. But there is also a deep hole where those things used to be.

There is a duality in this discomfort, that it is such a gift of clarity for the moment, allowing me to see each part of my self within the whole, to see what remains. To see everything around me with fresh eyes.

And the beach, oh the lovely beach, right here, so close by, with distant views and open skies,

We could get used to this!


Lauren - VisionWise said...

You way of explaining what you feel always reflects such clarity, and even though it's blurry for you at times right now, and all, you are so present and going through each part so beautifully, and I'm happy for you and your family. It looks so peaceful and open and clean and fresh there... So good for a change out of the big rush of the city. Culture shock perhaps too... I'm in another BIG city, although very different than NY but when I see the sprawl of buildings I am a tiny dot amongst the concrete jungle, and sometimes I just need to get out... I'm glad you made this move. I'm excited for you, and to see how it all goes. I have your package on my desk, I'm going to mail it soon. Still gathering... :)

Anonymous said...

isn't it amazing when we are stripped of our external life and we have to find our SELF again... see ourselves clearly and truly. for me the challenge is always not to loose that sense of self again when going out and meeting new people and new situations. i guess our families make sure we are still there ;)
what beautiful pictures of your family exploring the beach! xo

stacie said...

Hello Faith, Wonderful photos of your new home. Welcome to your new world. I still remember moving to our new home 6 years ago. Although it wasn't as far of a move I do remember that starting over quiet peace I felt. It's almost like you are hiding away with just your family. Enjoy this new beginning as much as you can it will only be new this once. xo Stacie

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet faith, such gorgeous photos of you and your lovely family exploring this whole new enviroment. I love how that you guys are slowly settling in. You and your family are beautiful! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

Nina said...

Hi Faith,

Beautiful photo's!
Hope you'll cope with all your thoughts and emotions.
Beside your belongings and yourselves, you took your precious memories with you!
Enjoy your new home and new life in Charleston!

Helen (Dixon Hill Girl) said...

Such beautiful pictures!

Savour this time - it's special. It's not often we get to see with new eyes, feel with every fibre of our being, focus without the habitual distractions of an established life.

I hope - and trust - you'll all be ridiculously happy in your new lives. xx

Anonymous said...

oh, faith - i am so feeling you right now. so glad you have the ocean close to soothe and enliven your soul! sending lots of love...

pixie said...

Oh, honey. You seem H.O.M.E. What a lovely sight to see!

k.b.e. said...

Beautiful Fairy Carys (love these images) and her sweet family...Dear Faith, so happy to see you in a place you call Home. The beach is yours now, revel in the new space, the open sky, the vibrant colors, and this amazing world, what a gift! We'll keep missing you but it's lovelier to know you're well and happy and enjoying each other and the earth. Much love. And I'm certain that through the absence of the Rest of you, the Trappings of you, that you'll find the Real Thing, and that it will be better than you could have asked for or imagined.

Stacy @ Sweet Sky said...

oh, these pictures are wonderful... Wishing you continued gentleness with the new, new skin you're in.


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