Shem Creek

Just a two minute drive, or a short bike drive, away from our new house is an inlet from the sea called Shem Creek. It is where all of the fishing boats dock after a day of hard work. You can go there to watch the boats, buy fish right off of the boat or to eat dinner at one of the many restaurants on the piers.

The other evening we went there at sunset, and we were treated to watching dolphins frolick in the warm waters, both Jasper and Carys were thrilled.

Then we ate a yummy dinner of fish tacos, at a table right next to the water. Where our waitress told us that the dolphins come every evening, and the manatees are also a common sighting!

Now the kids have been asking to go back every night for dinner, and the natural "animal show".
At our local beach on Saturday we had another surprising encounter, we swam with dolphins just 10 feet away from us in a shallow inlet, more on that later!


Lauren - VisionWise said...

Dolphins and manatees! I'M thrilled! *hehee*... so rad.

Dana Barbieri said...

It looks like paradise Faith. So glad you are in and settled somewhat. It will get easier and easier and having the beach so close will surely help.

Valentina said...

Faith, sounds and looks awesome! I'm loving Charleston ;)

Anonymous said...


karla said...

looks like you will be on vacation every day! this is beautiful .. i could melt into that beach right now.

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