New Painting: Begin


 Tomorrow morning we close on our house in Charleston, we'll officially own our new home, and we'll move in tomorrow afternoon! So as we begin this new adventure I wanted to mark our transition with this new painting. This is the last painting that I made in my Brooklyn studio, and I'm thinking of it as a good-luck painting, full of symbols of abundance, joy and color, ah glorious color!

My favorite part is the little blue bird, flying off into the sun rise towards a new day, a fresh start,

A brilliant new beginning!


Estelle said...

A lovely painting. Full of hope and positive intentions. Good stuff, friend.

I still have not made it to the post office. Can I mail the book to your new home? Whenever you get the chance just send me that new address and I will get it in the mail. Hope you and the family are holding up well with all the change. Been thinking of you.

karla said...

hi Faith! i've been thinking of you lately .. such an exciting time for you! this painting is beautiful .. i really like the jewels --very unexpected! you don't have too read too far to see that you are in a good place as you set off on your new journey .. the colors and the imagery speak it so clearly. Good luck moving in!

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