VisionWise Interview

I'm so honored to be featured as the interviewed artist this month on my friend Lauren's soulful blog VisionWise. You can read all of our interview right here. Her questions were insightful, interesting and really fun to answer! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed doing it.


enrouge said...

That is a great interview .. loved reading some more details on how you tick! Beautiful photos, too. Thanks for letting us know about this! : )

Lauren Luquin said...

Hi Faith. You look so gorgeous in that pic of you and the kids in Central Park... I am writing you here to tell you that there have been a few comments on your interview and I didn't know if you had checked and seen them on my blog yet. Also, I deactivated my Facebook account so contact me on my blog or email please from now on.
I'm so excited for your move! We still need to trade postcards too... :) Lets figure it out when you have time... :) xx

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