Central Park

If you are standing on the crazy busy corner of 59th Street and 6th Avenue in Manhattan looking south this is what you will see, and if you then turn around and walk into Central Park behind you, after about 200 yards you will come to this serene waterfall. Isn't that wild, they look like they are on different planets but that's New York City for you, it is such a city of contrasts.

I've been having fun on these winter days going through our summer photos, this is one of our fun outings to do in Manhattan. Walking through lower Central park is a treat, it is a green oasis, and so well planned with its winding paths, 

pretty stone bridges,

and huge granite rock formations that the kids love climbing on. This southern part of the park is great for a warm weather picnic,

the carriage path goes right through this part of the park and we love to watch the horses and carriages go past, 

Coming out of the park on the corner of 59th Street and 5th Avenue is exciting, there are book sellers, 

street performers and ice cream carts,

The famous, and gigantic, toy store FAO Schwartz is also on that corner, and is always a thrilling treat for the kids. I have only taken Jasper and Carys there once and they were spellbound, seeing every possible toy and candy in one place feels pretty over the top, but the surreal nature of it makes it even more special. Jasper said that it was like a dream. And, as you can see, this costume section was pretty much Carys's princess fantasy come true,


Anonymous said...

you know, it's so great to sit here in australia and get an insight of what life in new york could be like - like the contrast of city and park. i love it! can't wait to find out more about charleston. it seems that the climate is quite similar to perth :)

Nina said...

Hi Faith, I'm a dutch girl and I've been following your blog for a while now.I really love your paintings.
Even though I understand that you and your family have chosen to leave the Big Apple very soon, I will always love New York! Once you've been there, you can't deny that it did something to you....
But your new hometown is probably a much better place for your children to grow up! Good Luck!

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