Namaste Sate

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite recent music. Frank and I have been into the band Aradhna, for years since we used to know one of the two band members Chris Hale from our old church here in New York. He would get up in front during the service sometimes and play the sitar and it was magic to listen to him. Now his band Aradhna has released a few albums and we have loved all of them, but the most recent album, released at the end of last year is my favorite and has been on constant rotation in our car and in my studio since January. Here is one of my favorite songs from that album in this newly released, and stunning, video all filmed on location in India, its too beautiful to miss...

Happy Weekending!

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Anonymous said...

so beautiful!
i had just had another look at the news. and after seeing all the destruction left by the earthquakes and tsunami in japan, the music and the lights floating on the water were very soothing.
thank you! i hope you will have a great weekend.

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