I just finished this new painting, Angel. Each time I complete a painting I feel like I've had a love affair with it through the work, I stare at it and remember the application of each layer, each mark, the planning of each drip. I find every excuse to step into the studio for one more quick glance, or a long gaze. I am particularly happy with how the washes in the environment of this piece turned out. I wanted it to feel very light and airy yet to have a palpable weight to the space and I feel like I got there with it in all of the layers. I am especially happy with the black washes on the big butterfly/moth, they turned out exactly as I envisioned them in my mind's eye.

This week Frank and I have been working hard on space clearing in our big studio space. We have been doing the difficult work of sorting through years of our paintings and drawings, while deciding what we need to hold onto, and move with us, and what it is time to let go of. We are enjoying the lightness that comes with making space, while there is still much work to be done! I'll post some pictures of our big clear out soon.

I've also been missing my "Painting of the Week" postings, so I've decided to bring those back, this is the first one.


imogenlovely said...


I enjoy the depth that you create in your paintings using washy layers and half-covered surfaces. Brilliant!

rachel awes said...

faith, i love your angel painting!
it IS ethereal! you've created a window
to see something from BEYOND.

Anonymous said...

i love the mystery of the washes - like veils... very wintry and fragile...
very beautiful :)
enjoy and savour the lightness and space!

Golden Light Art Gallery Yolanda Garfield said...

Wow, seriously, this is magical. It hits all the right moods for me... the yin/yang of butterflies/lightness and darkness.

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