Taste of Spring!

When we were in Charleston we had a delicious taste of spring! Trees were blooming, petals were in the air, flowers where all around. 

The sun even felt strong, which makes such a difference in how I feel physically, if the sun is out and strong, I just feel happier and more alive.

The seasons there are over 2 months ahead of us here in New York, with a short winter and very rare frost.  Spring still feels far away here in Brooklyn, we are still wearing puffy coats, hats and scarves for outside, BUT....

to my delight, as I was poking around in our yard upon our return I discovered that we have some springtime visitors on the way,

and even a few in bloom already!!! Every year my early blooming Hellebores make me so happy, showing a happy blossom just when I need it most!


Anonymous said...

i also feel more alive in the warmth. that's why we try to get to the tropics in our winter. most people here seem to prefer the winter to the summer, but paul and i are definitely tropical types :)
i didn't know that those flowers are called 'hellebores'. my mum grows them in her garden in different colours. in german we call them 'christ roses' because they flower in winter around christmas.
love the pictures of the vegetation in charleston - looks sort of wild and lush...

Poetic Artist said...

I hope the move to Charleston will be a pleasant one..Charleston is beautiful and full of southern charm.. It will be a huge change for you but it is a new journey.

divinepainter said...

What a lovely surprise to have your visit today! It was a great reminder for me to get my butt back over here and see what you guys are up to. *GASP* I am so incredibly excited for your new adventure! You have such a lovely spirit and a joyful way of weaving your tales. I especially love how you wrote in one of the postings that you will use this time of waiting to wrap up the gift of your lives here. Good byes are always sweeter when something wonderful awaits... Many blessings during your transition! :)

Estelle said...

Oh yes, that strong sun. I completely understand that energizing feeling.

And I love those little images of spring in Brooklyn. Such brave little buds doing their thing.

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