Our Christmas Angel

Happy Solstice! Last night Frank and I got up at 2:30am to witness the lunar eclipse, this particular alignment, right on our winter solstice, has not occurred in over 400 years, so we felt like we didn't want to miss it. I heard that it was visible from all over North and South America. I had never seen an eclipse before and this one did not disappoint, seeing the moon darkened was surreal, and I have never seen the stars glowing so brightly! It felt so special to see it!

I want to share with you the new tree topper Christmas angel, that I just finished. I've learned some wonderful crafts at our Waldorf playgroup's parent craft group, but this has been by far my favorite. I love learning a new skill and then "running" with it to let my creative juices flow. For this project the teacher showed us how to create a doll out of wool through the process of needle felting.

Then we took wool home to complete the dress decorations and wings on our own. I also added the basket that she is holding, as sort of a cornucopia, my kids call it her "basket of presents". The basket is actually a petal that I learned how to wet felt in the amazing felting class that I took after Thanksgiving!
My favorite part of making the angel was working on her hair,

I loved making it wild, adding braids, twists, flowers, gold....all kinds of pretty things. She's got my idea of angel hair!

I makes my heart sing every time I see my kids admiring her up on our tree. I want them to remember the little things that I make, as through making each thing for our home I am making my love tangible.

This afternoon I asked Frank to pick a number between 1 and 6, and he chose number 5....so Ang, you are the lucky winner of Nicole's beautiful Indonesian glass bead necklace! Contact me with your information so that she can send it to you!

I wishing you all a bit of Christmas magic! Frank and I are about to head out for a date night, yeah!


rachel awes said...

i loooooove your angel!
she must create amazing wonders
from where she sits & given
who she is!!! xoxo

nicole said...

oh, Faith, she is so beautiful! tangible love indeed! hope you had a great night out.xo

VisionWise said...

wow... so very beautiful... I love it so much...

stephanie said...

she turned out just beautiful! i really really like the basket you made for her. i was pretty bummed that i missed the eclipse. my husband & i had made plans to get up a couple times during the night to watch it, but it was so overcast we couldnt see a thing.

k.b.e. said...

Love love this wonderful angel you made!! such a sweet little petal basket of treasures....

Estelle said...

Again I am amazed by your felting skills. Looks like you were weaving a bit of magic there. And yes, you are making very sweet memories for those beauties.

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