A tale of a tree fort

We were wandering into the park, not far from the entrance when we found it, a fort of sticks and logs, pine branches, even a holiday wreath, woven together there against an old tree seemingly for our enjoyment.
There were not many others out, as the day was brisk, but we stopped and stayed for a while investigating our find and adding our own branches to the construction.
Then we entered it, drawn in by the invitation of a secret place, a place to hide, to lean against the old tree covered in rough bark and soft moss, to look up together at the clear sky.
To find that even here, in the middle of a teeming city of millions, sometimes you can find just the quiet that you need.


gardenmama said...

it looks like you have found a magical place set aside from the city, lovely! i found you via my friend cindy-zach aboard : )

Lori said...

Your posts are always so magical! I love the "smoky" feel in many of your photos. You are a really good photographer. I so often want to visit (really bad) where you are in your posts. Your kids are adorable. What a sweet life you have together in the city.

pixie said...

I'm having so much fun getting caught up on your posts, Faith and I'm *THriLLeD* to be in class with you again! Yip!
I love these magical little hogan finds! When we find them in our own wood it's like an invitation to cancel all plans and sit down and be...something...grateful...have a snack. Just BE.
I will blog and also email you about salt. I want to know more from you and I know you're onto something!

Nancy said...

Just like in Where the Wild Things Are :)

kristin brenneman eno said...

what a wonderful surprise, this fort! the light is dappling through beautifully.....so magical!

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