Patterns, originally uploaded by leavesandfeathers.
I just learned how to create a photo mosaic, something I have been wondering how to do for ages. It was so fun that I may have found a new addiction, here I am up too late thinking, "oh come on just make one more!"
I found out about this site that has a program that allows you to create a mosaic through your Flickr account, here I used photos of natural patterns that I took throughout last year.
If you've ever wanted to make one, well I can tell you it just couldn't be easier!
And, my totes are now available for sale here and here!


jacqueline said...

Such a gorgeous mosaic and i really adore that photo with lots of butterflies! Thanks for sharing how you make this mosaic!

I am really enjoying class with you and sweet karla. I love everything i am learning from the classes and from both of you! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Enrouge {karan karla} said...

These images speak to me, too. I'm especially intrigued by the one to the left of the butterflies. I love that shape. I like your Flickr page, too. That photo of you & your daughter where you have your "wing" held out over her is so neat. How do you find time to keep up your blog, shop & Flickr, too? It seems daunting to me. But I'm getting over a headache today, so I'm probably just a little low on energy right now. Plus, I'm hoping to learn something about balancing my time better in the Together class. : )
Your totes are really cool . . I still think that's just the best -- being able to wear your art. They look terrific!

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