The other evening, I was really tired and sort of stumbled into the bathroom to get ready for bed, it had been a long day. I looked at the mirror and much to my surprise saw this:

My heart melted at this amazing sweet and thoughtful note that my husband had left for me. It wasn't an anniversary or a special day, it was just because...and that made it even more touching.
That note pulled me right out of my head and smack back into my life, and it made my day.

Don't we all need more little reminders of the beauty that others see in us?


Lori said...

Ok that just made me tear up. How thoughtful, loving, unexpected and beautiful. What a sweetheart husband. Thanks for sharing that. It has just inspired me to leave a note in my husband's suitcase as he leaves for a business trip.

Enrouge {karan karla} said...

I think he might be a keeper . . .

Estelle said...

Wow, I think I love your husband. That is such a beautiful gift. Now I need to leave a comment on another of your posts because I'm catching up and really appreciate everything you've been sharing on your blog lately.

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