Worlds within Worlds

Worlds within Worlds
I am the sort of person that needs a lot of time to dream, those hours at night are not enough for me, if I do not have time and space in which to wander inside my head then I am not myself. I day dream about concrete things like our next family vacation, fantasy trips, house projects and houses that I'd love to live in, where we might move, living abroad....and then not so concrete things like pattern and color, animals and insects, people that I have loved, people that I miss, times in my life that were so different than my reality now, the transient nature of everything that we experience, my mind wanders.

That is what this new painting is about. I just finished it last week and I really like the way it is touching on those places that I can't describe in words. They are there somewhere all the time, those worlds within worlds.

There are also so many places that I visit online when I need some day dream fuel, here are two that I am really into right now: My Marrakesh, and Door Ways Traveler. Loving that I feel so transported just scrolling through.


Enrouge {karan karla} said...

I adore the title of your painting -- it's perfect. I love the writing and the way you articulated something that is so part of my everyday world, too -- dreaming. It's one of my absolute favorite pastimes, and it seems to help me unwind and refocus. Your painting is very unusual and cool -- I'm trying to figure out how you make it work, that is, bringing in different elements and designs that somehow come together as a whole. I want to make art with more than one "thing" in it, but I haven't gotten up the courage (I guess) yet to try it.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

ooh so flattered that you mentioned my little blog. Thank you! And I couldn't agree with you more about the importance of dreams!

Estelle said...

I feel like I could jump right into this painting and get lost (in such a happy and blissful way.) And I feel the same way about needing time to dream and daydream. You captured is all so well in words and in your beautiful painting.

doorways traveler said...

your paintings are so lovely. you've supplied me with some beautiful inspiration today.

thank you for finding me and for the link.

much love and be well, lisa

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