Magical autumn

Fall's color and texture are everywhere right now and I am soaking it in. Every afternoon the kids and I have been spending a couple of hours outside, in the park, which has become a magical place transformed by autumn.

The treasures that we have been collecting and bringing home are inspiring me and seeping into the studio...just look at the color of those berries!

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Enrouge {karan karla} said...

Hi Faith! This is a perfect "Saturday" post. I'm enjoying your photography so much. And yes!, when I finally scrolled down to see the berries that's such a striking color! Your photography makes me see even more clearly that there's a narrative here about the photographer as much as what's in the pictures. I find that really intriguing. The way you take pictures, the colors, the choices, composition, the mood . . it all gives huge clues as to your sensibilities. It's so you--very poetic. I just love that.

Also, I think it's touching on what you said in your last comment to me about how we are trying to show people who we really are and how we got to this point. It seems like these blogs have so much more to offer than anyone would have expected. (Too bad it has such an unattractive sounding name -- yuck!). But I'm starting to see how our blogs are coming from a place of deep yearning to get to the heart of ourselves. I wonder if this is happening to you, also, but for me I'm getting an incredible boost of inspiration from the (sort of) dialogue that seems to happen once in a while. There seems to be a little ripple effect in the blog waters around here. It is amazing me to no end.

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