First fire

We celebrated the coldest evening yet this fall with our first fire of the season. There is something about the glowing heat, gazing at the flames and smelling that woodsy smoky scent that leaves me feeling a little groggy. It even reminds me of how I feel gazing at the ocean, sitting and staring at something full of such raw power, it is mind numbing and soothing for all of us. With a little hot cocoa and marshmallows in the mix, we are starting to feel that we can welcome the cold weather. At least from the comfort of our own cozy living room.


Lori said...

Cozy fires are one of my most favorite things about fall and winter. Beautiful carpet by the way! We had snow this morning!

s t a c y said...

I love watching a fire...

Thank you for commenting on my piece over at WishStudio... I am completely awed seeing your gorgeous and evocative work!


Enrouge {karan karla} said...

You really captured that feeling that is so specific to my senses and memory. There's nothing like a real wood-burning fire. It does seem like one of the gifts of Winter that Summer just can't touch. Oh, and hot chocolate with marshmallows -- don't get me started! What an idyllic picture.

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