Seeking Indigo

We've had a flurry of visitors this week, it has been so fun to explore Charleston and have an excuse to check out some places that I've been meaning to visit. One of these places was Seeking Indigo, a transporting wellness spa in one of my favorite areas of downtown Charleston. When my dear friend Sophia arrived this week I picked her up at the airport, and then we went straight to Seeking Indigo for a Migun Thermal Massage. Wouldn't you imagine that peace and tranquility lie beyond that door?

Migun Massage is inspired by the effects of Acupressure, Acupuncture, Heat-therapy, chiropractic adjustment and massage. Migun Thermal Massage is performed on an automated bed that uses jade stones, heat therapy and infrared light to give you a chiropractic adjustment and massage. We left after our half hour treatment (for only $20!) feeling renewed, balanced, and like we had been whisked far away for a moment. Especially as I was lying face up during the treatment looking at the amazing antique carved wooden ceiling imported from Bali.

Seeking Indigo seems to be Charleston's center for holistic wellness and living, I can't wait to take advantage of more of their offerings! It is probably one of my favorite finds in this area so far!


Lauren said...

yay! That is wonderful to hear Faith... you deserve to find a place like that- and to visit with a friend is perfect... xx

Kirsten said...

What bliss - I lovely indulgence with a friend!

morgan said...

This spa looks amazing! & I adore your little blog space :)

Estelle said...

Oh my, Faith. These last few posts have me completely transported to your new home town. They look absolutely lovely and have such a spiritual quality to each one. I really need to catch up on your blog and your world. Looking forward to learning all about your "new" life!

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