In my world right now...

~May Sarton 

We've got some pretty huge garden renovation projects going on around here, more on that this week!


Lauren said...

Hi Faith... :) I see the stone... I knew you collected those too, and I did feel intuitively about what I sent you that it was just right for you right now... It took me so long to get clear about it, but once I really settled in on the thoughts, it was quite simple. I am glad you loved everything... I am just really happy for you and your family, and I've seen you gracefully move states while expressing and sharing yourself and thoughts so beautifully- it's been inspiring... and still of course I love your new explorations, and all of the pictures. Excited to see how you transform your much larger yard too! I haven't been on the computer as much, but I wanted to say I loved that old OAK tree! wow... :) and Jasper learning to surf :) and of course Opal! What an adorable kitten. Nyjah is begging for a cat... I told her I'll get her 2 when we finally move... We have way too many feral cats around here, so I fear ours would get in a fight or lost if we got one now... Anyway, thanks for all of your messages and encouragement... I am still pregnant! and it's getting more uncomfortable, but my little leo is taking his time to come out when it's just right, so I'm learning more about patience... I'lll keep you updated. Sending you much love! xxx

Kirsten said...

Hi Faith,
Love seeing your macro world - it makes me feel like I am really now seeing your world - through your eyes, appreciating the small intricate beauties of life! Looking forward to seeing these shapes and patterns manifest into art.

Love Kirsten xo

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