Continuing our Tradition

Last week we continued our annual tradition of taking a family photo in the amazing bluebell field at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden...

It usually coincides with Mother's Day here in the states, and it is always the most welcome Mother's Day gift for me to have these beautiful pictures of my family! 

Three more days to go for us here in Brooklyn, I packed up my studio tonight, and have officially put my shop into "vacation mode" until June 1st. It is all starting to feel very real!
We've started saying goodbye to people. As strange as it sounds, I finally feel like this move is really happening, and I am feeling the grief of it all, but the thrill of our next chapter is lingering under the surface. Living in this duality is making me feel deeply and vibrantly alive.

"The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning." ~Ivy Baker Priest

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Lauren - VisionWise said...

great pics... :) I love that tradition you have going on... I am so thrilled for you Faith. I love how you articulate (write) what you're feeling - you seem so clear about it... yet of course there is so much unknown - you're just very present and that is so apparent, and it makes me happy to know you are because it is so healthy for you and your family to stay strong and keep it real though, with all the emotions... So natural to feel all of that joy and grief, I totally understand...

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