Painting of the week: Unfurling


Even though we had what I hope is our last snow of the season today I can feel it, spring fever is setting into my soul. Getting my hands into the dirt to plant last weekend awakened my hibernating spring self, now I'm wanting to wake up to sunshine and sandals each day!
All of that for now is being channeled into the studio where it manifested in this new painting about waking up, taking a deep stretch, and unfurling into all of the potential with in.

As we have been unfurling into our new selves, the ones who are moving from Brooklyn in less than 2 months, I've felt myself needing more times in which I can be deeply pensive. Also, there is a heaviness that I know many of us have been feeling for Japan recently. I have been isolating myself from much of the news coverage, but I have seen enough to haunt me. Following the tsunami just after Christmas in 2006, I remember feeling similarly helpless and deeply saddened, imagining my own children being torn away from me in a wave of water as I had heard interviews with parents who had lived that nightmare. The horror that people in Japan are living right now is too much to bear.
Besides donating to the Red Cross I also came across this site, The 1000 birds Project, which was just begun by a Japanese artist and blogger living in England. She is making 1000 ceramic (and cute!) birds that she will sell online, donating all proceeds to the relief effort in Japan. I'm looking forward to getting a few when her online shop is set up, which should be any day now.


Anonymous said...

dear faith, i love the new painting! the colours really speak of spring and i am glad that it is coming to your part of the world at last! here it is still a bit hot and sticky - top of 93F today.
i didn't realise that you were moving so soon - hope it all goes smoothly.
and i can relate to the heaviness that you are experiencing regarding japan. i think for mothers in particular it is so easy to get affected by unsettling world events, be it natural or man made disasters. and i try to stay uplifted to be able to send the people that are suffering healing thoughts and prayers. i believe that our intentions can transform into blessings.
p.s. we'll be going to bali at the end of june.

Poetic Artist said...

It is spring time in the south..We already have flowers blooming and already brought out the flip flops.. I hope the move is coming along smoothly.

Golden Light Art Gallery Yolanda Garfield said...

Beautiful! Transformative! Make me happy. Wow.

rachel awes said...

the bird project sounds AMAZING.
i LOVE your painting
& your words about
spring & inner potential & waking...
YESYES to allofthat!!!
i send a kiss to your cheek
& greet you with, "good morning,
dear faith, rise & shine".

Nina said...

Dear Faith,

When I read your words and thoughts about the disaster in Japan, I knew that I'm not the only one who could feel the pain and horror of the people who live there. You just don't want to know what they must feel like and where they have to get through each day of their lives.
And not only the people in Japan, also all of the beautiful nature that has been destroyed...
And what about the future. What are the consequences? Thank you for sharing your feelings. And your painting says more than words... Blessings,Nina.

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