Happy Valentines Day!

::Celebrating the beauty and gifts of love of all kinds::

On Valentines Day we were invited to the most magical Valentine's Party, you must go see the pictures over on my friend Kirsten's blog. She whipped up some beautiful themed party decorations, the children exchanged valentines, made heart cookies and played dress up for hours while the moms talked and ate yummy homemade soup! Perfect!


rachel awes said...

happy valentines day to you, faith!
ohhhhh, a couple of those flower petals
look like f e a t h e r s!!! mmmmmm!
& just yesterday, our table looked like
your crafty wonderful pics, with similar
heart makings tooooo! i'm with you!

Dana Barbieri said...

Happy Valentines Day Faith.

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet faith, happy valentine's day and i hope you and yours family had a wonderful celebration! Love this gorgeous photos. Love to you!

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