Future memory log

Going to the studio

Our house officially went on the market this past Thursday evening, and some how with that I feel like our planned move is all the more real. Now, as I walk around all of my familiar places, I find that I am trying to make myself remember the details of our day to day. So, I'm starting a new feature here on my blog, my future memory log, I will include pictures of places that resonate with me deeply here in New York as well as places that I see often that I want to remember.

We have had our studio space for nine years, it is in an old warehouse underneath an elevated subway track, in a gritty area of Brooklyn called Gowanus, only a 5 minute drive from our house. Even though I work at home now, I still love going over to our old studio space, where both Frank and I have years of work stored and Frank's paintings in progress are so exciting to see. Last night we went there with friends we are also moving away, and wanted to buy some of our paintings before they left. So we did one of my favorite things with them, a studio visit where Frank and I pulled pieces out for them to look at over glasses of wine, until they chose their absolute favorite ones...one of Frank's and two small ones of mine.


blissful chick said...

what a great idea! thanks for sharing these memories. the work is superb

karan karla aron said...

hi Faith ... I've been dropping by here and there but sometimes feeling so pulled in different directions, I just have failed to comment. But I think about you so often!

Anyway, this post gave me chills. The photos speak to me. I mean, really speak. Makes me question a few things about my art path! Anyway, I have to say I can feel a bit of this move you are making. And to see you making almost concrete mental notes of all your beloved places and paths just causes a little pang in my heart. And yet it's exciting, too! I'll look forward to more of the future memory log-ins.
p.s. i never did get to congratulate you on your Glamour magazine awesomeness! I'm thrilled for you!!

Anonymous said...

love the picture of you and frank :) you look so happy! happy valentine's day! xo

Dana Barbieri said...

what a great way to remember all that is important to you in the place you have called home for many years. what a nice way to spend time with friends, a studio visit. Your husband's work is beautiful!

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