Sending wishes from my studio

I'm dreaming my way through many turquoise paintings over here, for two weeks I've been working on them and loving it. When I looked at my studio table the other day, I saw this windowed hallway in the Anthropologie catalogue laying beneath one of my paintings, it completely transported me.
Wishing you inspiring, vivid, exciting dreams, and the courage to make them real!


Poetic Artist said...

Looks like so much fun..One of my favorite colors.
Dream it and enjoy it.

Griselda said...

Thanks for your kind words Faith, and for visiting my blog, I also love your art and the imagery in your blog is so serene, I come back and take a look again and again...I am so glad I found you. If you should feel like adopting one of my little spirit dolls, please let me know before you do so I can adjust the price to reflect a discount of 20% for you. Bright Blessings. Gris

Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

love it Faith! the discovery of the catalog :) and your painting ~ it's beautiful.

BananaSaurusRex said...


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