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For the past eight years Frank and I have been a part of the annual Gowanus Artists Open Studio tour, a tour of artist studios in the Gowanus warehouse district of Brooklyn. While I no longer work in our warehouse studio since I have my studio at home, Frank always gives me space to set up, and I love being back in our old space full of memories where I used to make my art. The weekend is usually a fun filled time of talking about art and sharing glasses of wine with the people walking through.
This year was no different, there was a great turn out with a steady stream of people all day. Lots of friends stopped by, and Frank and I even gave an artist talk about our work to a large arts group from our church that came by.

I had fun setting up my wall with paintings from the past year, and I was able to sell prints, lots of cards and postcards, as well as magnets. In past years the tour has been over the whole two days of the weekend, but this year it was just on Saturday. Frank and I have sold paintings on the tour in the past but that usually happens when people see our work one day, then come back the next day to buy it after thinking about it over night. I guess that paintings are not often an impulse buy!

My kind parents came to watch the kids for us, so Frank and I had the special treat of being able to talk about art all day, and then head out to dinner together. As we were leaving the studio, we were treated to a beautiful classic Brooklyn sunset.

I think that the energy that I gained from the Open Studio carried me through this week. I often think of myself as an introvert, as I do enjoy my alone time, but then after an open studio or a show I also gain energy and get excited from talking with people about art, this weekend really was packed with that! I also had a nice surprise on Wednesday when I was featured on Stacie's Jewelry blog as her Artist of the Week, you can check it out here.

Now, how can it already be time to prepare for another weekend?


VisionWise said...

Fun... :) I love your set up- it all looks lovely. I like the sunset pic too with the horizon of the graffiti and the distant buildings... You are so pretty Faith. Nice boots btw. I'm glad you had a good time... ♥

Amelia said...

It's so lovely seeing what others are doing across the globe. I am here in the London, UK doing a local artists open house, whereby my local area has artists open up their homes and make them like galleries, for the public to come and see. I am right in the middle of it as it's 2 weekends long. I love meeting people like this.

Your work loook so vibrant and colourful - I'm off to look at your shop.


Lori said...

Okay, so I've decided that I will come and meet you one day. I want to see your studio and have a glass of wine with you! You don't live that far, it can happen- so I'm just going to picture it in my mind until it does :) Your studio is great Faith. I love going on studio tours. In fact, we are going on the Art Trail studio tour in Ithaca, NY this weekend. Best to you for a happy weekend!

stacie said...

Faith, I'm so happy that your studio tour went so well. The display of your artwork looks lovely on the wall. What a wonderful day!

Thanks so much for the mention of my blog. I really enjoyed writing the post about you and your work. :)

Dyan said...

Hey Faith love your outfit by the way - you met a kindred leggings lover! Having the open studio tour must be so much fun, I'm yet to do domething like that myself, I also consider myself and introvert so I can definitely see how having the time to share and talk with others about art can enegize and get you going through the week. Congrats again!

Helen (Dixon Hill Girl) said...

Congratulations, Faith! Glad it went well for you. Your set-up is so colourful. Great outfit, too! :)

Kristen said...

Your space is beautiful! All of your artwork on the wall looks wonderful! Congratulations, it sounds like a great weekend :)

Inner Toddler said...

Faith! Your work is s beautiful and it looks like this open studio was a lot of fun. parents babysitting is the best - I hear that. I'm enjoying toodling around your blog. thanks for stopping by mine. I'll be back.

Dana Barbieri said...

Hi Faith. Your work looks wonderful all grouped together on the wall! Glad you had a lovely time and a nice bit of alone time with your husband.
Glad it went well.

Griselda said...

Your work is so lovely...congratulations

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