One of the most special places that we visited in England was a small fishing town, tiny really, on the southern coast called Polperro. It is tucked away in a deep, small and rocky bay, with houses built up almost on top of each other with winding alleys turning here and there like a maze leading up from the harbour.

 The town is so old, dating from medieval times, that the roads are too narrow for cars in most parts so it is a pleasure to stroll around and let your self feel the age of the place. We felt lost in time.

Some of the houses were even built right into the rock of the surrounding cliffs...
Many artists have made their home here, this is the town's art center..
and in another building that we passed we could peak into this window enough to see that it was an artist's studio...
 with this view out of the windows...
Frank was so inspired by this town that he wandered around the whole time saying how he could  seriously have stayed there painting for months. It is one of those places that speaks to his soul. A spirit home.


Dyan said...

Hi Faith, a fellow cocunut here! The pictures from your trip are amazing, what a quaint little town filled with so much history and detail!

Kolleen said...

a spirit home....i love that

i can see how you would want to say there...all nestled and tucked in amongst that beauty and inspiraiton and just paint till your hearts content!!

these pictures are so great Faith!!
love it!


Estelle said...

This little village looks absolutely perfect. I can see why Frank was so inspired. I can only imaging what it felt like in person. Really beautiful photos.

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