A tale of Midsummer night

We gathered together at Prospect Park on Midsummer Night to celebrate the summer solstice, at the spot on the hill where we have gathered before with our Waldorf Playgroup. The spot where even on the hottest days the breezes blow, and hot it was. Blankets were spread on the grass.

Food was shared and enchanting stories were told....

Then the little ones were crowned...

and headed off on an adventure in the park.

Quiet moments were shared collecting sticks and leaves...

and so, we passed a lovely evening celebrating Midsummer night with friends.

The enchantment was felt until the evening took a turn when Jasper came running over yelling that he, "got a wood chip up his nose". The night ended with a trip to the emergency room where after a few hours the doctor was able to remove what turned out to be a huge fly that had flown way inside Jasper nostril when he was running in the woods. Crazy! Definitely one for the family story books, and I'm so thankful that everything ended happily.

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Giovanna ♥ said...

Hi! I just found your blog and it's adorable! I love these pictures :) Thanks for sharing! Following your blog now :)

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