Right now...

I am loving...

Having flowers from our garden on our table.

When Carys says, "Let's paint a family mural!", in the morning, and we do.

Heading to the beach every chance we get (twice this week!).

This cute art caddy that I found here, it organizes the kid's art supplies perfectly.

Being able to spend a huge part of my birthday yesterday in the studio, thank you Frank!

Having a few paintings just waiting for some finishing touches....oh yes, I really love that!


Kolleen said...

i love all the things you are loving...
what wonderful pics

and wishing you the happiest of birthdays (a day late)...
hope it was wonderous and magical and all that you wanted!

the flowers from your garden are so beautiful!!


Anna-Marie Still said...

I too, love ALL those same things...and we have been enjoying them here at our home as well!

Estelle said...

This is post so completely warms my heart. I'm really happy for you. Carys wanting to paint a family mural is just one of loveliest quotes I've read in a long time. I hope I hear Emerson express anything close to that someday.

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