Island Beneath the Sea: a giveaway

Having been a huge longtime fan of author Isabel Allende, this book had been at the top of my reading list since it came out. I was finally able to read it on our recent road trip and within the first few pages I was completely drawn in. I literally read it cover to cover in 3 days (Thanks to all those hours in the car with the kids listening to books on tape!). It was one of those books where I just had to keep reading, even into the night, to see what would happen and when it ended I still wished that there were another 50 pages to really find out what the characters did after wards!

Tomorrow is my birthday, and in the spirit of celebration I am giving away my copy of Island Beneath the Sea. All you need to do to enter is answer one simple question: Which of my prints is your favorite? I'd love to know. Go to my shop to chose and leave the answer in your comment.
I'll close the comments and choose a winner at random on Friday morning.
*Congratulations to Valentina, she was selected by the random number generator as the book winner*
Thanks so much to everyone that entered!!


VisionWise said...

Hi Faith.. I love your works... Your print called "Hope" with the rings, and flower has me coming back over and over... I'm always drawn to that one. It's very beautiful and has subtle movement... I love the use of different shades... and the colors... This book seems interesting, and worth checking out, the title alon and knowing you lied int so much makes me curious about what it has to offer... and I have 2 major readers in my life that'd probably both love it too... (my mother and sister Kristen) So if I win, it'll be in good hands... How sweet of you to give on your birthday... Good deeds will follow you... Much love, LL

Rowena said...

This is a really hard choice. I have tentatively decided that resurrection is my favorite. No, maybe it's blessings. If I go back to look again, I'll probably pick something different. Lovely work. I like the print sets, too. Maybe because I don't have to chose only one. But I can't decide which color print set I like best, either. Blue green yellow pink.

Sandra said...

Hello Faith, I just happened across your page as your face jumped off of the birthday list on myCSL site. I went to your page and then clicked on the link that brought me here! Your artwork is beautiful and invokes, for me, a beautiful emotional response.

My favourite, if I absolutely had to chose, is "Meditation". There is something about the blossoming flowers, creation, amidst the "dripping away" of colours. I'm going to bookmark you page and I look forward to reading more!


Estelle said...

Oh that means today is your birthday, sweet Faith. Happy special day to you! I hope you are having a really lovely time - whatever you are doing. Enjoying something sweet? Time with your lovies? Time to yourself? Do tell.

And I really am drawn to Spring Migration at the moment. Very subtle but strong at the same time.

Anna-Marie Still said...

feeling connected to you lately..."meditation" speaks loudest to me right now.
I hope your birthday is truly fab...Enjoy!

Škorčica said...

Oh, happy birthday! :)

I hope you had a nice party.

I love books, but since English is not my language I think others may have more of this lovely gift - so I'm giving an advantage to others participating here.

But I'll "pick" one of your paintings anyway, just for fun :). At first let me tell you, that each time I look at them I have different favourite - I like all of them, especially your style. Today I like most the "Awakening".

~Valentina~ said...

Hope you had a great day!. Ohhh.. I *LOVE* Isabel Allende, my top one writer :)
Hmmm... my favorite print I guess is the one I have already hanging in my living room, Awakening ;)

karan karla {EnRouge} said...

Happy Belated Birthday Faith! I'm sorry I'm a day late in wishing you well on your special day. It's fun to try to decide which print is the favorite. It changes for me all the time, like Skorcica said. Today, though, Resurrection is calling me pretty loud and clear. But Tranquility is also tugging at me. I think that's because I'm feeling so extra introspective right now, and that single image standing out over the background feels like something I can relate to.

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