Chatting with BananaSaurus Rex

I have been following and enjoying BananaSaurus Rex, the often hilarious and always witty blog of Rebecca Thoms Hanley, for a while. So, I was thrilled when she asked if she could interview me about art, life, and everything. She posted the resulting interview on her blog today! You can read all about our chat here, where I discuss motherhood, making art, trying to do it all and everything in between. I figured since I'm revealing all in the interview why not really let it all hang out and show you a shot of my studio at it's most messy while I'm at it!
I love that there is a sippy cup sitting right there on my studio table.


Francis Sills said...

Great job Faith! It's really inspiring to watch you do all that you do. You're setting the best example for our kids by showing them that you are pursuing what makes you happy...Art! Thanks and lots of love!

Sonja said...

Lol I find sippy cups all over my house too, it always makes me smile! I am off to read your interview! I hope you have a great weekend with warm weather :) <3 Sonja

Estelle said...

Faith, I so enjoyed reading your interview. Thank you for always sharing so honestly. I'm going to go check out the SARK book. Sounds like it's perfect for me right now. I totally get that in between feeling. I'm there as well and hearing you be so positive about it is really encouraging.

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