Print Sets

New for 2010 I have just added Print Sets to my shop! Within my work there are pieces that just go together, and I had fun putting together groupings that have such a dialogue. The print sets are available in 5 different color ways...
And the Affirmation Series of prints is in a rainbow color spectrum.
The groups look great popped into simple frames and hung together on a wall (I've just used Ikea frames here). There are also enough in the group to keep two for yourself and gift two to someone very special, should you wish.

I'm getting closer to choosing my words for 2010. I've settled on one word, which feels like it needs a partner, so I'm just narrowing down my choices. How about you?


Lindsay said...

wow those are so pretty!! LOVE them!

Sonja said...

Oh my gosh I love your paintings! They are so beautiful! I think I know what I am requesting as a gift for my birthday this year :)

jacqueline said...

I adore your sets and how you group each of them! Just lovely! I like your idea of choosing a word or a couple of words for this year 2010...hmmm would love to come up with a word or two as well. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Estelle said...

I am loving the yellow against that purple wall. What a great idea to cluster them in similar color ranges.

Looking forward to hearing your word and I do like that idea. Gratitude and grateful have been coming up a lot for me these past few weeks. And peace has been heavily on my mind for a year or so. I think it will stick with me for 2010.

Enrouge {karan karla} said...

I love these! What a creative idea -- the groupings are just perfect. The yellow & blue sets would be perfect in our home.

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