I feel so lucky. Santa (read my *amazing* family) brought me just what I was longing for this Christmas.
The camera of my dreams is now mine, oh my heavens, and I had such fun taking it for a "test drive" while we were still visiting my parents house.
Their house is full of odds and ends picked up over a lifetime of travels to distant lands and interesting places. My mother has a wonderful eye for color and design, she always returns from a trip with treasures.

Amongst it all, here is a portrait of me at age 5... which I see a remarkable resemblance to my son.


Lindsay said...

yay you are going to have so much fun with it!! Can't wait to see your awesome new pics!

Estelle said...

Beautiful photos! Your parents' house looks so interesting and happy. Enjoy that lovely camera. You will surely make good use of it.

jacqueline said...

Such a wonderful gift!! Congratz on your new camera! Your photos are amazing and your paprents home looks so gorgeous! Have a lovely merry hapy day and love to you!

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