In the past couple of days things have been coming in the mail around here that have made it feel a little like Christmas all over again. I have a few surprise updates for my shop coming in that I'm just loving. Oh the delicious excitement of opening boxes full of anticipation and things long awaited!
The first that I want to share with you are these new sweet magnets.

They are 2 by 2 inches square, the perfect magnet size if you think about these things...really not too big as to overwhelm what it is holding, but big enough to hold it well.
I'm just so super pleased with how they turned out. It's wonderful how magnets can make my day isn't it?
Available as a set of three, or each on their own, here in my shop.

P.S. My note card set is featured this weekend in a very cute treasury on Etsy, worth checking out if you love paper products and stationary as much as I do!


Sonja said...

I love them! Those magnets are so pretty! Magnets are so great, especially how they can keep my toddler busy while I am in the kitchen lol. I am gonna check these out, I would love to look at pretty magnets every time I opened the fridge instead of the free American Express ones I got in the mail lol. BTW you are so right, hot glue guns are amazing!! Thanks for stopping by my blog it meant alot!

Lindsay said...

oh I LOVE the magnets, what a great idea. will definetly be getting some soon!!

Kate England | Marmalade Moon said...

Great idea! I love how you also handle magnets, how they can become part of your everyday life, at least the ones on the fridge door! And to touch art, almost daily, to rearrange it and use it, what a wonderful treat!

Wini said...

Dear Faith, these magnets are so pretty and I love the quote too, so inspirational! Thanks for visiting me & for your lovely comment. Great to hear that you're also starting off the year with 2 courses and enjoying both of them! The Unravelling course is next on my list. Would love to hear how you go with it. See you in class!:)

Enrouge {karan karla} said...

These are just right on -- they are darling, aren't they!? Your images seem well suited--miniature works of art. There's just something magical about little bitty pieces of artwork. You just keep evolving your shop and you keep it so fresh with new little goodies. It's amazing to watch! : )
Oh, and thank you for your insightful comment of late . . . MUCH appreciated and so helpful to my thinking and ability to "see" what I'm doing with more clarity.

Adventures in Alice Land said...

I stopped by to introduce myself! I'm taking the 'together' class along with you! I love your magnets, they are beautiful. I also like the little notes you are showing with them. Very inspiring. Looking forward to seeing you in class.

Lori said...

Oh they are lovely Faith! What a great idea! I love the photos you took also. Your magnets look great holding up inspiring and sweet messages.

Nancy said...

Oh so pretty! I love them

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