Every Sense

Make the most of every sense; glory in the pleasures and beauty which the world reveals to you….

~Helen Keller

A detail from my painting Hope, that I look at everyday in our living room and still see new things in all the time.

Stretching in the morning.

Wearing this amazing necklace that Frank gave me for Christmas, he got it here. I love love love love love it, and never take it off.

Butterflies at the NYC Museum of Natural History, where last week we discovered that even the banisters have a bit of magic...


Enrouge {karan karla} said...

I love coming here . . . there's always some little nib of inspiration to be found, or something to ponder. Sometimes late at night I find myself wandering through the halls of posts gone by. . . there's always something new I can find. Plus I like getting to visit my favorite city in the whole world, which often brings to mind memories of our trips there.

Here's what I'm pondering from this post: That I am intrigued by how artists can see all kinds of things, new things, and probably new inspirations, within their own work. I love how you have a healthy relationship to your work . . you don't shy away from the beauty you've created, and it's obvious how dear it is to you. I just love that.

Sonja said...

Your painting is breath taking! You are an amazing artist and I love reading your blog it inspires me to look at all of my surroundings! Who knew a banister could be so beautiful?!?!

Estelle said...

I agree with what Karen said about appreciating what feels like a healthy relationship to your work. I love that you can look at your own painting and still see new things. I also keep thinking about your post a while back about your first painting that hangs in your parents' home. It was really interesting to learn about that experience, about how you discovered this talent and calling of yours. I never get tired of hearing about an artist's journey and self-discovery. Thank you for sharing that.

P.S. The magnets are so pretty. Great idea.

BananaSaurusRex said...

This post is so warm and golden - I love it!

Kate England | Marmalade Moon said...

Beautiful photos and a lovely way to tell a story in little chunks like this! Isn't it amazing how a detail of a painting almost is a painting of its own?!

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