the great blaze

Tomorrow evening, with much excitement, we will be attending the Great Jack O' Lantern Blaze, a fantastic event in which Van Cortland Manor, an old farm in Croton, NY, is transformed with over 4000 hand carved pumpkins that are all lit up at dusk.
The creator and creative director of the blaze is one of Frank's oldest childhood friends, Michael Natiello, who has received much acclaim for the blaze and has developed quite a rapport with Martha Stewart after being featured on her show for 2 years as an expert pumpkin carver. Martha even invited him over to her private Halloween party on her estate...but that's another story.
In previous years we have had a special daytime behind the scenes tour as Van Cortland Manor gets ready for the blaze. This year, since the kids are a little older, will be our first year visiting the blaze after dark. I can't wait to see the dramatic effect of thousands of pumpkins glowing in the twilight, and I am just looking for an excuse to go for hot chocolate after wards. Pumpkins and sugar and magical evenings out in the woods, oh my!


Marisa said...

what an amazing + fun thing your kids to get to experience! it does sound magical.

thanks for your comment on my blog. it seriously made my day. :)

Lori said...

WOW- how fun is that?! I wish I could go. Have a great time with your beautiful family...

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