I am headed to the studio this morning to try and capture the little flutters of inspiration that I feel soaring around inside after our vibrant weekend. Talking with so many people recently in person about their response to my work, I am energized with ideas and directions...definitely ready to make some new work.
Do you know that flutter? It is gentle but persistent, a bit thrilling because I never quite know where it will take me. If all goes well, and I am able to grab onto it's wings, I'll be up in my studio painting my heart out.
Thanks so much to Lori for talking about my art yesterday on her inspiring blog Happiness Through Art!


Enrouge {karan karla} said...

I think I know what you mean . . . it's almost like you can tell something is coming before you even know what it will ultimately become {in artwork}. I can't seem to turn it on and off, it has to come to me it seems -- kind of like your butterflies. They are hard to chase after, but if you are just sitting there, sometimes one will visit. I've been thinking a lot about process lately . . and I think you are tapping at that subject a little. It's immensely interesting to me to hear about how other artists work and what drives them to their canvas or paper. Like you said, getting responses from viewers to your work is so valuable -- that's really neat that it has spurred you on and has gotten your inner butterflies all a flutter. I hope we get a peek at what you are working on!

Lori said...

I DO know what you mean by the flutters! I am really excited to see what you do next and I feel so inspired reading what you wrote- I want to scrap my plans and just do art all day! I'm happy you had such a good show and that you are still feeling the glow of it all. I am wishing you a wonderfully happy and creative weekend.

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