Feet up

I don't like to slow down, and I usually won't unless I HAVE to. Last week my right foot told me that I have to...by having a torn ligament between the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal. It has been so painful, but even so I hobbled around on it for a week before seeing my doctor. After x-rays determined that I don't have a stress fracture, the prescription...try to rest my foot as much as possible and wear supportive shoes. Ugh.
So, I've been seeing a lot of that cozy place above.

...and this cozy place, watching my little ones play, and my big handsome one rearrange the living room (another project that I'll share here soon)
The upside of spending time with my feet up?
It leaves ample time for clowning around on the couch!


Estelle said...

Oh look at you with your beautiful babies. What a lovely photo. But I'm so sorry to hear about your injury. I'll think good thoughts for your quick and easy recovery.

Enrouge {karan karla} said...

This is darling -- I love the photos. I hope your foot heals quickly; I've been there, too, and it does seem that staying off it is the best medicine {along with light wrestling on the sofa, of course!}.

Lori said...

Cuuuuute pictures! Enjoy your resting time.

mayaluna said...

Hope your foot is healing... love your snuggle photo so much!

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