Spirit Ship

My good friend Kristin, is one of those people who seems to be endlessly creative. She is a mama, makes beautiful jewelry, children's toys, and paintings....she has an insightful poignant blog and I have even done a few craft fairs with her selling our art! But her true love is Little Creatures, the children's film company that she and her partner Sean founded. A couple of years ago they shot a short film for children here in Brooklyn called Spirit Ship, and friends this short film is true beauty (that's a still from the film in the picture).
I was lucky enough to have Kristin give Jasper, Carys and I a screening of the rough cut of the film last year, so that my children could give her their feedback, and Jasper was talking about it and acting the adventure out in his play for days after wards! There is a mysterious, other worldly quality to the film that my children could completely relate to. It is about the hunt for what is hidden, the thrill of finding a mysterious treasure, the wonders inherent in an afternoon playing in the woods, and the joy in telling the story. You can check out the trailer for the film here, and catch a glimpse for yourself. It is really the sort of children's art film that I wish there were more of.
Right now, through January 2, 2011 they are a part of Kickstarter, an online pledge drive in which they hope to raise $5000 so that they can finish and distribute Spirit Ship. If you feel moved by the trailer for their film please consider giving to their pledge drive, even $1 would help. The crazy thing about Kickstarter is that if they don't raise the $5000 by next Sunday, January 2nd, then they don't get ANY of the more than $4000 that they have already raised! Crazy, but true.
I just love seeing artists realize their dreams, so I wanted to share her dream here with you!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas!


k.b.e. said...

Thank you so much for these lovely words, Faith! It makes me so happy to think about Jasper playing out the story . . . I'll always picture him finding old keys in Prospect Park. I hope Spirit Ship can inspire many similar adventures in children's lives across the world. Thank you for sharing and helping my dream become more real.

Lauren said...

I watched the 'trailer' and it looks wonderful... I love the voice of the children shining through, and how they're looking for signs and following them. What a great idea... Thanks for sharing Faith. :)

nicole said...

what a great project! i watched the trailer and made a little pledge - hope that they will be able to raise the money. and that we will be able to watch the film in our corner of the world - it looks so beautiful and mysterious. and i also love kristin's art work. i even bought a tiny painting from her shop. it's great to find out about other artists and to be able to support them - even if it's just in a small way... xo

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