Reflections, Musings and a New Year's gift for you!


Hello Creative Fam!

Happy Lunar New Year! I don't know about you, but here its been a rather slow start to 2022! In the second week of January the virus went through my family, and I've been struggling with fatigue ever since. I'm finally rolling out of hibernation....which actually feels much longer than just a month. If you've been following me for some time you may have noticed that for most of 2021 I was very quiet on my social channels. For the 1st time since 2008 when I started blogging and then on IG since 2011, I chose not to document every moment but rather to sit with myself in a way that was calling loudly to me. Throughout the last 2 years of the pandemic I have felt called (like many of us) to live into my roll as wife and mother more deeply. And in 2021 that's just what I did. I tried as best I could to be present for my family in new conscious ways. My kids are not little any more, I've got two teens of 17 and 14, and my baby is 9 years old! So with my oldest graduating high school next year I felt an urgency to show up in deeper ways for them. Friends, it has been so richly rewarding in ways that I am still learning.

If you are still following along I want to thank you, this creative community means so much to me and in 2022 I am SO excited to get back to painting with you in online classes and on retreats, woohoo!!

As today marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year, the year of the Water Tiger, I wanted to share an article that I found really interesting about the upcoming year, which was passed on to me by one of my besties who is my acupuncturist. Many signs point to 2022 as being an auspicious time for new beginnings, and I'm opening my arms wide to welcome this!

As part of welcoming the new year I created a gift for you, a New Year Workbook, to look back, look forward and dream big! Grab your copy here, to download for free, print it out grab a pencil and get dreaming.

There are a couple of exciting things coming up! The next session of our beloved watercolor class: IN THE FLOW starts February 14th, we currently have the best SUPER EARLY BIRD DEAL happening to save you $120 :) Super Early Bird ends tomorrow February 2nd, so grab it now!

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IN THE FLOW: Unconventional Watercolor Adventures begins February 14th and will run for 6 weeks of inspiring daily (M-F) lessons that will take you on a watercolor adventure.
Plus, you'll have forever access to all of the content (and there is a ton of
content) to go back to again and again whenever you feel like you're in
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  • Our tried and true favorite watercolor supplies!
  • Color Mixing and Color Mapping: ways to play with colors, creating unique combinations. Developing your personal color pallette plus lots of ways to begin a painting!
  • Finding Inspiration, where to look and how to use what inspires you to create paintings that you love!
  • Weekly Sketchbook Adventure Exercises: in these deep dives you’ll develop new imagery and grow new ideas through fun and playful lessons!
  • Playing with the paint: how to use the organic elements of watercolor to your advantage to create successful paintings.
  • Using Contrast in your paintings to create compositions that sing!
  • Exploring the Language of Shape to develop your own style & personal iconography.
  • Creating Luscious painted Layers with drawing and watercolor: yes you can layer watercolor for amazing effects!
  • Bringing it all Together, we'll show you how to combine everything that we learn into a beautiful whole!
  • and so much more!!!


And last but not least our Costa Rica Painting Retreat is coming up April 18 to 24, 2022, and there are just 3 spots left, including the most quiet and private single room on the property! Picture a week surrounded by tropical beauty and creative women, walking on your private path to the beach where every evening we'll watch the sunset, spending your days sinking into lush painting lessons and connecting to yourself and others, eating fresh home made meals....perhaps taking breaks to float in our private pool or to walk around the compound and create a flower mandala. Its going to be amazing, and we have such an inspiring group of woman gathering, will you join us? Find out all the details here and grab your spot, those last few spots are sure to go quickly!

Last year's retreat was so healing as we gathered together with a group of women for the first time in person since the pandemic, and this year's retreat is sure to be the same!!

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Sending blessings and creative inspiration for the journey,


Take a peek inside The Creative Growth Workshop: my New Instant Access Masterclass!


Hi beautiful creative friend,

I'm thrilled seeing all the shining faces over in my new Instant Access Masterclass: The Creative Growth Workshop! Every creative needs these tools & resources in their hands ...

and since today is the last day to get this class for only $47, I wanted to see if you'd like a little peek inside?

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and meet me here for this video all about what you'll find inside this new class, and scroll down for some more exclusive peeks inside the class:

Close your eyes and envision that it is already December 2021 (I know it feels far away!!), you are

chatting with your best friend about your art practice and creative direction, discussing all that

you've accomplished in the past year. What is it that you'd love to be

able to say? Is this the year you got out of your head and into your

heart? Is this the year that you stopped looking for inspiration from

all the other art styles around you and developed a series of paintings

straight from your soul? Is this the year that you got clear, distilling

all of your inspiration into your own personal unique style? Is this

the year that.....

  • You re-awakened your creativity and developed a stronger body of work.
  • You set your self up with Creative habits that move you forward.
  • You renewed your clear vision of your creative voice and learned how to continually return to it when you are feeling aimless and stuck! You learned how to listen to and nurture your authentic voice in your work.
  • You learned how to be inspired by others without copying.
  • You gained strength, creative confidence and strategy both in your work and your plans for the future, and the steps for how to get there.
  • You explored and developed that element that makes people know that your art is yours and your alone.

Inside this class you'll gain access to these video lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Defining Your Artistic Voice & Your Passions
  • Lesson 2: How to Make the Most of Your Time
  • Lesson 3: Considering Your Life's Purpose: Choosing Yourself
  • Lesson 4: A Roadmap for Navigating the Creative Journey
  • Lesson 5: Living Your Passion for Profit & Sustainability
  • Lesson 6: The Value of Beginner Mindset

As well as EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to 2 E-Books that I created just for this class! I'm giving you a sneak peek inside both of these books!!

There's my Free Spirit E-Book: Step to Uncover Your Artistic Voice for Creative Growth: grab a sample of this book RIGHT HERE.

And there is my Creative Traction E-Book: How to Stay Motivated, Fight Distraction & Beat Procrastination, grab a sample of this book RIGHT HERE.

I'd love to share all of the exclusive content with you. Just one more day to get it all for just $47!

Join me in this 6 lesson instant access masterclass:


Uncover Your Artistic Voice, Find Your Passions, Live Your Purpose

Just 1 more week to sign up: REGISTRATION CLOSES OCTOBER 7, 2020

I hope that you find some time this week to sit silently in front of your life & contemplate just how magical it all is!


P.S. I have SO much more to share with you about growing your creative practice. Check out more resources below.

Manifesto on Giving Credit


I wrote the below letter, along with my co-teacher Mati McDonough, a couple of years ago and we began sharing in all of our classes.

Our desire to write this letter grew out of a few situations where we experienced too much of a gray area when students in our classes went on to create & post work that was too closely related to our lessons, and not developed enough as their own. We realized that there was not enough clarity within the art community about what it means to develop your personal voice in your work while also learning from other artists. So we felt the need to shed light on this topic for our students and ourselves, and to open up this dialogue for further discussion.

What we didn't anticipate was the response from our students, it was all very positive and full of inquiry. We received so many comments from students telling us that this had long been an area of confusion for them....that too often they would take a class and learn new techniques, but they would feel stuck when it came to truly integrating these ways of working into their practice, and ultimately they were left feeling confused about how to create work that felt like it expressed their unique voice! So, in creating our online classes our hope is to fill that void. To offer a soft safe place where we can dialogue about all of these topics, and ultimately empower you to find ways of working that feel deeply personal and authentic to your own true and UNIQUE creative voice!

To all of our students, past, present and future....

It is such a pleasure to get to know your work! There is nothing better as teachers than to see that you have been inspired by the information and lessons that we presented. For this we are deeply thankful as our goal with all of our courses is to inspire our students to dive deeply into their own painting practice and studio exploration. As artists who have each been painting for 20 plus years it gives us great joy to share the ideas and lessons that we have developed through years in the studio, empowering other artists to go forward and do the same.

 We always like to tell our students that experimenting to find your voice in your work is fantastic, and a natural part of this is copying and being inspired by other artist’s work, lessons and ideas. A problem arises when a newer artist takes ideas and inspiration, creating work and selling and sharing it without fully making the ideas their own, this becomes a larger problem when the work is too referential and there is no credit given to the source of the inspiration and ideas. This can often happen accidentally, so we feel that this topic needs to be brought to everyone's attention so that there can be more clarity, less awkwardness and more dialogue surrounding it! After teaching for years, and encountering some uncomfortable experiences with copying, we felt the need to clarify our thoughts surrounding this to clear up any gray areas.

 When referencing lessons that you have been taught in a class you can always present your interpretation on the lesson, however when sharing beyond the classroom direct credit needs to be given to the source of your inspiration, and the original ideas for the lessons. 

 We always recommend for students who are finding their voice & style in their paintings to create at least 100 paintings before they share or sell them without crediting the source of the inspiration. It is very important to make something your own before putting it out into the world authentically. Please keep this in mind going forward about making your work authentically yours and crediting your teachers when you post work that has been inspired by a class that you have or are taking.

 Experimenting with your voice, style and ways of working are natural and exciting, especially when you are relatively new to this way of painting. Our goal with our lessons is always to give you tools with which you can go forward in your studio and develop your unique voice in your work. We all have some thing to share, and by making your work unique to you ultimately you are allowing yourself to shine brightly! The world needs YOUR voice.

 This is ultimately a small art community in the online world, we all see each other and the work that we are each creating. You are not creating art in a vacuum, although we understand that it can feel that way as we each make art in our own studios and then share it with the world on social media. More than ever as these platforms grow we need to be vigilant about accountability and giving credit where credit is due. As visual people we are all inspiring each other and learning from one another, so as a developing artist it is more important than ever to acknowledge where your teaching and your ideas come from.

 We want to emphasize that as your teachers & fellow artists we are here supporting you, cheering you on. Please understand that this is ultimately coming from a place of love, so that you will be able to more clearly move forward with your work, further developing your own style and ideas, and giving credit where credit is due so as not to step on toes or actually infringe on intellectual property.

 With blessings as you grow and develop.

In Paint,

Mati and Faith


P.S. To dive further into this topic we love the following resources:

~I go into this topic in depth in The Creative Growth Workshop, giving you lots of ideas for ways that you can be inspired by someone's work AND integrate those new ideas into your work without copying!


~This article on the 4 Phases of Developing Your Creative Voice is super helpful to go further into this topic and what it looks like to develop your creative voice!


~And this video called How to be Inspired Without Copying.

When you get Clarity Confidence Follows


 Hi Creative Friend,

Last summer I took time to get quiet, to sit and have a long hard look at my Creative Practice, my processes and strategies from over 25+ years of creating my art and creative business. In the midst of this 'great pause' in 2020 felt like the perfect time to evaluate.

While I run a thriving business today it all started as just me in my studio with a desire to create & share beauty. I began small, years ago on my blog and slowly as I built a larger following and community of creative women, I began to develop a creative methodology for how to continue to honor my own creative & personal desires even as my business grew.

I've brought it all together and created something new for you! Developing your own system for success is what I teach you inside of this new program.


The Creative Growth Workshop:

A 6 Lesson Instant Access Self Paced Masterclass to help you

Uncover Your Artistic Voice, Find Your Passions and Live Your Purpose

When you get clarity, confidence follows. One of the main reasons that people don't move forward, even on things that are really important to them, is a lack of clarity.

As creative people, lacking clarity can have big consequences….

Tell me if this sounds like you? You have high ambitions and creative dreams, you have more ideas than you have time for, but you get discouraged when you see your peers doing amazing work and you’re not even sure what idea to move forward on.

Are you tired of starting & stopping the same projects over and over again, or starting too many things at once?

Do you feel like you don’t know what to do first, and struggle with second guessing your own decisions?

Do you wish there was a way to stop generally undermining your own progress?

What if there was a way to always feel clear and confident in your creative voice and direction?

That’s why I created The Creative Growth Workshop!

Join me, artist, author and teacher Faith Evans-Sills in this new in depth Workshop! A Masterclass to help you uncover your artistic voice, find your passions and give you steps to live your purpose.

This will be a deep immersion into the ideas and ways of working at the core of my creative processes. This program will take your creative confidence further than ever, giving you the tools to stop dreaming about your visions and actually manifest them!

If you are ALL IN for Creative Growth join me:

I'm releasing The Creative Growth Workshop for a limited time.

Let’s walk through exactly what’s included in The Creative Growth Workshop...

First you'll download & print out my Creative Growth Workbook - a $47 Value

I created the 46 page workbook as a resource full of 13 worksheets for you to fill out and work through the content, diving deeper and bringing your own unique perspective to each lesson. This will be where you bring your ideas from the lessons and give them your own wings!

Then you’ll dive into the Class Modules -a $397 value

You'll work your way through the program of 6 Video Master Lessons and 2 E-Books, all are exclusive to this workshop.

These lessons are like getting personally coached by me.

I've packed The Creative Growth Workshop full of my own personal thoughts, advice, ah-ah moments, strategies, mindset shifts, inspiration and short cuts that have helped me over my 25+ year journey as a painter, creative entrepreneur, author, mentor and retreat leader. This is my signature program in which I share my own simple and strategic creative growth methodology developed over the 25+ years of my creative career. You’ll learn to define your passions, build your dreams and live your purpose. Seeing results forever in your art practice and creative goals.

I've got lots of juicy themes of discovery for you as we dive deeply, exploring what discovering your passions & creative voice, and setting yourself up to successfully live your purpose looks like for YOU, from lots of angles.

As you go, you'll download 2 BONUS E-Books - a $27 Value EACH, exclusively available in this class, to take the learning deeper:

In the Creative Growth Workshop you get all this:

  • Six in depth Video Master Lessons - a $397 value

  • The Creative Growth Workbook - a $47 value

  • Bonus- The Free Spirit E-Book - a $27 value

  • Bonus- The Creative Traction E-Book - a $27 value

For a grand total value of $498, but you can get it for just $57 for a limited time!

The Creative Growth Workshop will help you lay a strong grounded foundation on which to pursue your unique creative purpose. This sets you up to…

  • Feel more fulfilled as you recognize and head towards your dreams & passions.
  • Produce art that feels like it comes from you and no one else.
  • Spend your time in ways that feel productive & aligned with your values.
  • Experience more clarity & direction, leading to easier decision making as you move forward & faster acceleration towards your goals. Stop undermining your own progress

After doing this successfully for decades I’ve learned that creating a foundation of clarity for my biz has been HANDS DOWN the most important thing that I have done to achieve GROWTH in my business!

My goal with this class is to share what I know with other artists and creatives so they can experience this kind of success and deep personal fulfillment as well.

Ideally I want to help people to take the time to figure out their own personal patterns of work flow, connection, time management, passions, creative confidence, goal setting…..I’m bringing my own wealth of knowledge from doing this for years into this class. I want to help you set yourself up for long term success, gaining a behind the scenes view of all of my insights and guidance on your art journey, creative career and beyond.

I guarantee that whatever energy you put into building this foundation for your business will come back to you tenfold over the years!

xo Faith

Thoughts on Anxiety: Favorite Practices and Resources


Hi Creative Friend!

How are you doing these days? I know that for me its been very up and down since March. As someone who deals with a good deal of anxiety during normal times, this upside down time has kicked it up into a higher gear for me, so I've had to pivot and spend dedicated time & energy diving further into finding daily ways to manage my anxiety. In May I made it into a bit of a game for myself as a way of feeling more light-hearted about it, asking myself if I could put together a whole list of resources that I could turn to for anxiety support when I need it. So I thought I'd share that list with you, we're all in this time together and perhaps you need it too!

Of course I am not a doctor, and anything that I recommend is what has worked for me, please use your own judgment and try what works best for you.

Sending you tons of creative inspiration where ever you are. Be gentle with yourself and have a beautiful week,


My List of Favorite Practices & Resources for Anxiety Support:

  • First, one of my favorite practices has been starting my day with gratitude: sometimes I get up and write down all that I am grateful for in a list format. Often I will just do this mentally while I am still laying in bed upon waking. I will run through a list of everyone and everything that I am grateful for, visualizing them and sending them light. I have found this so grounding.

  • Connecting with nature to calm my nervous system: once our local beaches opened up after lock down it was an amazing relief, we go as a family at least once a week and my husband and I go more often just with our youngest son who loves the waves. The beach has become one of the only public places where we feel really safe enjoying the outdoors as its easy to socially distance and feel so FREE. Standing with my bare feet on the sand, sun on my face is complete mental therapy right there.

  • Exercise: I know it goes without saying but getting regular exercise has been a big anti-anxiety friend for me for years, I would walk a 2 mile loop in my neighborhood almost daily & play tennis a couple times a week but with lock down I wasn't able to do those things as easily. SO, I invested in a Peloton bike in March, and it has been life changing. I love the classes, the feeling of community, the fact that my workout is right here in my house AND its a great workout, I sweat a ton which always leaves me feeling like my anxiety has been wrung out of me!

  • Cold Water: This is a therapy that I read about, how people bio-hack by taking ice water baths to pump up their immune system and overall sense of well being, read more here. I decided to give it a try by finishing all of my showers with cold water, and I love it: it leaves me feeling happy.

  • Breathing techniques: I heard about Box Breathing a few months ago and it has become a powerful go-to when I feel really anxious, head over here to read about how to do it and watch a helpful gif to visually prompt your breath.

  • Supplementing with CBD: My journey with CBD has been a bit like Goldilocks: I've tried a bunch of different products but never found the ONE that felt just right for my anxiety....until now, finally! I started taking Equilibria at the end of May and it was love right away, I just felt like it stopped my mental spiral of anxiety. The company offers the highest quality full spectrum CBD in the form of a daily regimen specifically designed for women, and they offer free consults with a dosage specialist to get it just right. Turns out for me, taking CBD twice a day was the key! Head HERE and Use code faithevanssills to get $10 OFF your first order!

  • Reading, and re-reading old favorites: I noticed early in the pandemic that I was feeling drawn to only read (and watch) things that I had read or watched before. I think its because of the predictability, as a highly sensitive person its comforting to know what to expect. SO I'm going with that. I've been re-reading the entire Harry Potter Series, which brought me great joy years ago and is proving to be wonderful all over again! And my daughter and I binged the entire series of Friends, which was so funny to re-watch! These rituals have been especially helpful in the evenings, like settling into an old cozy comfy sweater.

  • Sound therapy: I discovered the app Synctuition that creates "sound journeys" that completely transport you to another place. You listen to them in a comfortable position with your headphones on and eyes closed, and the experience is immersive and hard to describe! Each experience is around 25 minutes long, so I love to do one when I'm in the middle of an afternoon energy slump, afterwards I always feel more grounded and refreshed almost like a nap.

  • Keeping it Simple in the Studio: I have found that I've needed my time in the studio to be super nourishing these past months, so for me that means no big experiments, no pressure on myself to produce XYZ or feel like I should be doing something other than what I WANT to be doing. I've purely followed my bliss and that has meant painting abstract landscapes with lots of color. I've been in a good grove and I'm not messing with that, I'm letting it feel easy by just keeping it simple.

  • Meditations and Affirmations: I have found it tricky to find a meditation app that I really enjoy, I've tried quite a few. I really like the Shift Meditation app, by Lacy Young who came on our Morocco Retreat last autumn. And I have been LOVING the meditation and affirmation albums by the spoken word artist Londrelle. His albums "Self Care Package" and "Eternal Sunshine" are my favorites, I have had them on repeat!! Experience his Solar Plexus Meditation HERE.

  • AND LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST......virtual travel has been an escapist pleasure lately. Looking at my own photos from past trips have given me great painting inspiration, my kids & I binged a bunch of House Hunters Hawaii recently and it was SO relaxing.


If you're looking for more ways in to your deepest self, more clarity and more confidence in your direction, creative voice, passion and purpose check out my Creative Growth Workshop! An instant access self paced Masterclass to help you harness and achieve your creative dreams!

5 Reasons You Should Join us in Marrakech!

Hi There Creative Soul,
We're heading to back to the amazing inspirational city of Marrakech, Morocco for our 4th Art Retreat there!
November 8-13, 2019
If you've been dreaming of joining us on this adventure, please know that we will not be running a Morocco Retreat in 2020 so now is your chance to jump in with us! There are so many reasons to give yourself this GIFT, here are a few of our favorites....

It goes without saying that traveling to Marrakech is certainly an adventure! Any journey that we make outside of our comfort join will be an adventure on some level. I know that before I visited for the first time I longed to see the winding maze-like streets of the Marrakech Medina (old town) and to shop the glorious textiles in the ancient Souk Markets! Morocco was at the top of my "must visit" list for years, but I couldn't get my head around the logistics of how to plan such a big trip, where to go, what to see....and I definitely didn't want to do it alone! Once we began running our Retreats I knew that we needed to visit Marrakech, and it has really been such a dream getting to know this amazing city, people and culture! Traveling there with a group of women was the perfect way to do it, and we want to give that to you.....dive right into the adventure since we've figured out all the HARD PARTS!

Can we even say enough about this aspect of the Retreats? I don't think so!! IT is truly the most special pocket of time that we share together with the women on the Retreats! Connections are our favorite thing about our Retreats. When we leave our families and the responsibilities of our day-to-day lives, it opens up new space for us to feel, think and grow. For me right away I start to feel a deeper connection to myself, that soft quiet part of who I am at the core, she is able to feel louder and more free when I take this time to go away and re-connect with her. Connecting with other women when we are all experiencing this re-awakened sense of connection to ourselves and inspiration, well that has created amazing bonds of friendship & lifelong connection. There is nothing better!

You've probably heard about the shopping in Marrakech, do you wonder how good can it really be? We are here to tell you, it is everything you have heard and more. The gorgeous Marrakech Souks full of hand made goods truly holds some of the best shopping in the world. During our 3 previous trips we've learned about our favorite places to shop...and we have found the most amazing guide who takes us to all of his favorite places. The amount of hand crafted work feels endless, its a feast for the eyes. We especially have fallen in love with the rugs, as you can see in our shop Zuzu Bazaar, where we've brought back some of our favorites!! Finding YOUR favorites during the trip is the experience to always remember, and living with these finds in our homes afterwards makes us happy every day!

In planning our Retreats we imagine the most delicious days EVER, we ask ourselves what would we want to do above all else, and then we invite you to come along with us! Picture yourself in absolute technicolor, life changing Marrakech heaven! Intricate patterns, saturated colors, secret gardens, new sites and sounds, all await you at every turn. Your senses are overwhelmed in the best way possible, and then we settle down each day to paint it out, capturing all of that inspiration to take back to your home studio with you. We always create so many paintings inspired by our time there, and this processing of the visual impressions and inspiration lasts for years....we have had Retreat participants tell us that it has changed the course of their work. Its amazing!

No. 5: THE ART!
Last, but certainly not least are the transformative art workshops that we offer daily during the retreat! Mati & I will lead you through workshops on capturing inspiration with watercolor paint, providing you with the opportunity to meet the projects wherever you are in your art practice. These deeply Inspiring Watercolor Painting lessons will be based on our popular course: IN THE FLOW. You’ll gain so many new skills, ideas, prompts & new ways of approaching your work, these lessons will take your painting practice to the next level! We explore local symbols, colors & designs as we work in our rooftop studio there in Marrakech, bringing in the local culture and expanding our own personal vocabulary of marks & shapes. Painting there is full of so much joy and inspiration!

And the VERY BEST PART is that you get to learn on the Retreats with both Mati and I IN-PERSON!
We LOVE getting to know our students in this intimate way in a small group. We don't offer very many in-person classes these days, so our in-person Retreats are really such a special time! We'd love to paint and share this adventure with you!!
See you in Morocco!
Sending so much Inspiration your way,

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