Celebrating Big, Bold, Colorful Summertime with a New Painting Series!

We're in full-on Summertime glory over here. It's big, bright, hot, slow and it couldn't be better. Summer is a season marked by sunflowers, trees dripping with scented crepe myrtle blossoms here in Charleston, our local farmer's market is full of fruit......everything is colorful, bright and blossoming. My latest collection of paintings celebrates all of this, I'm calling this my Woven Color Series, each piece encapsulates a bit of this exquisite time of year! Find your favorite July 10th at Noon EST when the entire series of 13 paintings is released in my web-shop.



Summer is such a beautiful season, a time to relax the grip on schedule and soak in the joy of aliveness. Honestly, its my absolute favorite, a time that I look forward to all year long. Every summer I make a point to slow down with my kids, to take it all in and taste every single bit!

We spent a couple weeks in June as a family driving through the American Southwest, where along with glorious natural beauty, we saw so many amazing ancient symbolic petroglyphs (4000 yrs old!). I was especially drawn to their use of the arch form. I've continued to play with it in this recent series, working with ideas of portals, doorways, bridges, passages & reflections. I love thinking about how as artists we are connecting to the thread of creativity, expression and universal symbols, coming to us through the long lineage of time....each of us saying I am here and this is what I see & feel!

Visit the whole Woven Color Series right HERE. As a special Thank You for being a part of my creative community use code LIVELOVE for free shipping on your order.

Sending you a bit of the magic of Summertime where ever you are!

With inspiration,



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