Studio Chat with Faith & Mati: The Story of our Book!

Hi Beautiful Painters!

We're back with another Studio Chat for you as part of our video chat series, where we gather questions from our students, hot topics that we want to chat about, and then dive deeply into these questions and all things creative.

This week we share the story of how our book Painting the Sacred Within came to be, and we talk about the title and some of the personal meaning behind it!

In today's video we mention the year long class that our book is based on. This class, also called Painting the Sacred Within has been enjoyed by hundreds of our students and its now available in an easy monthly format! We have a membership option, where you can sign up to have a new episode delivered to your in-box on the 1st of every month.

Every month, we share a series of fresh videos, inspirational content, start to finish painting demos and peeks into our studios. These monthly episodes are all centered around a monthly theme that will closely follow the chapter themes in our new book Painting The Sacred Within! This class will work well as a supplement to our book, fleshing out the themes & techniques that we offer there, in our videos we want you to feel like you're painting right along with us!

To find out all of the monthly themes that we cover, and more about how you can learn from us in these video lessons head over HERE.
We've made the price point on these monthly episodes super affordable, only $18 for a monthly subscription, or $25 to purchase instant and forever access to the monthly episodes individually.

Looking forward to sharing all of this with you,

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