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What a heavy week it has been, so much fear, sadness and shock all around. As a very empathic person I have felt the weight of all of it deeply, and I have been further saddened by the verbal attacks that I have seen on social media. Rather than continuing the cycle of anger I see what is happening currently as a rallying cry for more peace and more love no matter what side of the fence you stand on politically.

A dear friend said something recently that resonated with me deeply, in light of current events, that she has never believed that it is more vital to make art.

In times of distress, when we need to see the light but it is hard, each of us needs to turn within and seek out that which makes us feel most alive. Bringing more of what makes you feel most alive out into the world will in turn light others up. As Martin Luther King, Jr. so famously said darkness can not drive out darkness, only light can do that. Let us be a light for each other!

In the effort to create more compassion and love in the world, I'm joining other art sisters in the online community in creating this poster for LOVE. By doing this I do not intend to create a further divide with anyone, this is intended as a holy offering of love, a bridge to unity and inclusivity.
Join the #artistsforlove movement by creating your own image of love, and sharing it under the #artistsforlove hashtag, and by CLICKING HERE to get a free downloadable PDF of this image, print it out as many times as you like*, post it in your home, neighborhood, any where that could use a bit more love.

With wishes for many blessings,

*This PDF is for your own personal use and can not be sold, image copyright and all rights reserved Faith Evans-Sills.

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