I'm really excited to share this new e-course with you, created by my dear friend (and co-leader of my Morocco Retreat) wellness coach Stephanie Perkinson. Unexpected|Beautiful is a course with no intended purpose other than this: You will be making room for something great.

Here is the course described in Stephanie's words...
"Like the return of your mojo, a softer way of being with yourself, your inspiration or a new source of support. Something unknown and unexpected. Something on the horizon making it's way to you.

I want to show you how to make room slowly. With grace and creativity. Less striving and pushing through, more permission and play. This is how you can clear a path. When you allow the unknown to hold you...that is when the fun begins.


  • You are dying to shake things up but the inspiration well has run dry
  • You can't seem to find that buried treasure you know lives within you.
  • You have a phoenix burning in your chest. It's time for a re-birth.
  • You're tired of all the self-care platitudes out there. You are in need of something fresh.
  • You know that how we inhabit our bodies, our space and our life is intimately connected and you'd like more of that kinda good stuff please.
  • You really want to get off the overwhelm train


I believe in the power of story telling and the sharing of vulnerable human experiences as a way to not only connect with each other but to connect with the forgotten pockets of our own spirit."
The class will feature guest contributors, women who will share their journey, I'm so thrilled to be included!

"There will be gentle encouragement to dig deeper and the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers in real time. Each step we take brings us closer to the next incarnation of our essence. And perhaps most important of all...the time and the space to do it. This is not a fast paced course, jam packed with lengthy things for you to do and read everyday of the week. This is about absorbing and meandering with what you pick up. Taking action, but only if it feels good. 

It shouldn't take a crisis to begin paying attention to yourself and your dreams, to accept that there may be an issue that needs tending. We push and we push until we break. We are told to keep our heads high and carry on. Let no ripple of our messy insides mar our seemingly tranquil exterior. This course has been created straight from my heart in hopes that it will meet you in a place before the breakdown unfolds. And if your there already? It's OK. We have a comfy seat for you in the front. " 

Head over to Stephanie's website for all of the juicy details and registration.

winter session begins feb 8th-mar 27th

I'm giving away ONE spot in this amazing class over on Instagram, head over there to leave a comment on my post to be entered. I will randomly choose a winner and announce on Wednesday, February 3rd.

To register for the class right now, click the button below to take advantage of a special $10 discount immediately...


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