52 Paintings E-Course and Community

So, I love sharing about this heart project, my year long e-course:
The ever inspiring Mati McDonough and I teach the course together and right now we are half way through our 52 weeks together. I can hardly believe it! The weekly rhythm of the course has become woven into my everyday, with a demo video from Mati or I on Monday, an Inspiration Day Lesson on Wednesday, and sharing our work together on Friday....all of these have become such a part of my studio life and the group of painters in the class have become a close inspiring community of friends, supporting each other as we dive into our work!
We have our online classroom set up so that people can join us at any time throughout the year, we've just had a few people join us at this half way point, and every single lesson that we have covered so far is available there, to go at your own pace and dive right in where ever you are.
Next Week we begin our third three month module, beginning with The Natural World~inspired by our real or imagined world, 

followed by Soul Animals~ways of bringing animals into your painting

and then Unconventional Surfaces and materials~bringing the outside in,

we spend a month covering each topic incorporating the theme into the weekly rhythm of the class.
That will take us right up to the holidays, when we have a couple of special surprises planned.

For our Inspiration Days in this next module we will cover a series on Self Care as it relates to our studio practice, and then a series of Painter Interviews that we are so excited about, and we're sure to get some really rich dialogue about those topics in the group! Its going to be fantastic and packed with Inspiration.

If all of this is calling to you, you can head over HERE where you'll find all of the registration & cost info, as well as FAQ's!

We started off in the first months of the class sharing our layering process and skill building, as we journey each week through a new way of working and seeing through paint. Then we started accelerating the process and began painting a PAINTING A WEEK! Wooot!
We walk beside you through the year with instructional demo-videos, inspirational prompts, downloads, along with lots of interaction in our private online classroom and in our private FB group. Mati & I provide support, feedback and guidance all along the way. This class is open to all skill levels and all creative spirits looking to deepen their painting practice, broaden their painting skills and work their bravery muscles in the studio!

A little review of the all of the Topics we've covered and Painting Demos we've shared so far if you'd like a quick reference:
Getting Started & Introductions, First Layers Techniques, Exploring Abstraction, Layering with Stencils and Silkscreens, Bringing Words into the Work and Incorporating Geometrics. In the class you will have access to all of these past lessons!

We finished our unit of Geometrics last week and here is some of our gorgeous student work:
Just so you can dive in for some inspiration and feel like you are with me in my studio, here is my introductory video which gives a good taste of where we've journeyed together:

This week in my lesson for the class I'm talking all about drawing inspiration from the Natural World through my travel paintings that I did during our huge trip through Europe this summer, I demo my painting kit supplies and watercolor techniques,

Next week as we really dive into our unit on drawing inspiration from the Natural World and so many ways to bring that into our paintings, its a great time to join in!
We'd love to have you along for this journey with us! Head of here for more info.
Sending heaps of inspiration,


tutorial girl said...

I so happy to found you, because all the pictures here are so good I need to grab my tea and start reading your blog. IT's amazing and really so inspirational.

Mamacessories said...

Wow! You are very talented! This is why I love LifeBook - I have been a part of LifeBook since the first year and each year I find more talented people like yourself to follow and who inspire me!

Sarah D. said...

Can't wait to see what happens with this yearlong art course! It sounds interesting. I'm definitely going to look into signing up! Thanks for the info!

Isabelle said...

This feels like such an amazing amazing class! Do we have to pay by March or in January in order to take advantage of the quarterly payment plan? Thank you!!!!

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