Dark Place, Precious Truths


If you follow me on Instagram or we are friends on Facebook, you have no doubt heard that my dad passed away three weeks ago.
I am not yet at a point where I even have words to sum up the last three weeks of his sickness and passing, I walked along side him and it was and will be some of the hardest work of my life. But I wanted to let you all know how powerful my time in the studio was for me in those weeks before he died. As artists we have such resources of depth and beauty within us and I just wanted to share with you how grateful I have been for my art. As I painted in those weeks I could not help but go deep within myself, feeling shifts within that have been reflected in my work, and feeling myself crack open in new places.

This is one of the pieces that I painted in the last week of his life.

When we meet ourselves in the dark places precious truths are revealed to us.

I am on a grief journey now, which changes day to day, moment to moment. I am comforted by the knowledge that I am not alone, we all experience grief in large and small ways throughout our lives, and even in the midst of my current grief I see that it is opening me to beauty in such a rich way.



Lauren said...

I've been thinking about you a lot Faith. Sending you so much love during this time. I have your painting hope on my main altar right now. This new one you did is probably my nee favorite! Bless you mama! xx

kathleen codyrachel said...

Hello Faith - I am so sorry for your so heavy lose - my father also passed away on July 22 of this year on 9/7/25 he would of been 90 - I also was able to spend some treasured time with him during his short illness. That time is filled with so many blessings I am happy for you - those are truly sacred memories you and he created. I love the painting you did - grieving is a lifelong process- I am working on a multi level mixed media piece 10 layers in and still going on -
I hope to meet up with you again in either Life Book or your 52 week class which looks wonderful - perhaps both
Thank you so much for sharing - it is still difficult for me
Blessings & prayers

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