In Sunshine

Last week we celebrated Carys's 5th Birthday with an afternoon party at our local park. There is the perfect spot with two picnic tables right underneath huge Oak trees and right next to the playground. We set up there as friends arrived.
The children played until the Balloon Lady arrived, she made all sorts of things for the kids out of balloons, basically whatever they could think of,

Crowns for the princesses,

and swords, helmets and sheaths for the older brothers,

They stopped playing with their balloon creations long enough for me to snap a group picture next to my favorite huge tree,

Then we strung up the Pinata, it seems like every year my kids ask for a Pinata at their parties so its become a routine part of their birthdays, this year Carys's Pinata was a cupcake,

Then it was cake time and we sang to the birthday girl, she took that part very seriously,

I usually have a lot of fun making their birthday cakes, but she asked for an ice cream cake that I ordered this year, which ended up being really yummy!

Another beautiful celebration of our vibrant girl, we could not have asked for a more perfect day under the trees for her party!~


Lauren said...

So magical and sweet, the look in her eyes... Awesome. What a beautiful day! I love seeing Carys so much more self aware it seems. 5 is a big year. xoxo

Kirsten said...

You must be so happy now Faith to be able to celebrate Carys birthday in the sunshine...always on the cups of warm days in NYC, now most definitely she can wear a spring dress to her party...and a very cute one too! We would have loved to be there to watch her blow out her 5 candles this year...sad really when I think about us being at half of her parties :(..and now so far away. It has only been 4 months since we saw you last...(isn't that crazy!) and she has grown up so much, such a beauty like her Mama. xo

Trish said...

How lovely, wow, an ice cream cake, I've never seen one of them before, it looks amazing!
Such beautiful photos.x

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